20bits: Four Problems with Drupal

Submitted By Bryan Ruby March 01, 2007
I don't know too much about the author of this post but he does make some semi-intelligent arguments regarding Drupal that shouldn't be entirely dismissed.  Also strange that this Drupal post is the first and only post on this Wordpress blog (so far).
4 Problems with Drupal

Drupal is an open source CMS. It it used by many big-name websites, like The Onion and the Mozilla Foundation’s Get Firefox campaign. However, it suffers from a few serious problems which make it extremely difficult to adapt to large, complex sites. If you’re looking to deploy something like a social network using Drupal then this article is definitely worth your read. Even if you’re not, these are facts any developer or admin should know about the software they might be using.  Read More...
I'd like to see some comments from others in the Drupal community before I make comments myself.  I should also mention that I originally came across this post on Amy Stephen's blog who frequently visits my site.  Amy Stephen is a Joomla! fan, but I don't think she is really trying to stir up trouble.  Of course I have to ask, can you really trust a Joomla! user?   And yes Dean, this is how you are supposed to write sarcasm. Back to top

Submitted By Bryan Ruby| March 01, 2007

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