Building Big Data Portal Through Liferay MongoDB Integration

Submitted By Angana Chatterjee October 12, 2012

Data deluge is the growing concern today, leading to a global information overload. With companies finding it difficult to efficiently handle and exploit important information of the large chunks of data, the challenge is effectively presenting the solution that supports decision making. Big Data is an integral solution that can address these problems as it enables effective storage and access to the large data sets. Big Data is critical to businesses as it can unlock tremendous value and allows instilling transparency and usability of data.

MongoDB is an immensely scalable and agile document-oriented database based on JSON-like document storage with dynamic schemas. MongoDB’s flexible data structure, ability to index & query and autosharding makes it a strong tool that adapts to changes and reduces the complexity. While MongoDB enables administration of large chunks of data, it becomes even more important to deliver customers an experience that drives wider adoption. Liferay portal’s rich front-end characteristics with add-on features like dynamic access control, mobile accessibility and flexible architecture makes it ideal for providing real time access to the content stored in MongoDB. Big Data Portal with MongoDB and Liferay provides lower total cost of ownership and higher ROI to the businesses.

CIGNEX Datamatics has developed a connector which enables content stored in the clustered environment in the MongoDB solution. Big Data Portal architected by CIGNEX Datamatics is a web based solution that integrates a rich user interface with centralized and immensely scalable data storage with a diverse mix of contents consisting of audio, video, documents and metadata in humungous volumes. You can know more at

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Submitted By Angana Chatterjee| October 12, 2012

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