CMS Focus: Agility makes the Top 30 List

Submitted By Bryan Ruby October 19, 2012

For several years, CMS Report has quietly maintained CMS Focus which includes the top thirty content management systems that are on our radar. Today, we officially listed Agility on the CMS Focus page. For those that have been paying attention, this change should come to no surprise to you. We've been working closely with Agility, Inc. the past year and recently migrated this site onto the Agility CMS and their Magazine Publishing Suite. While this may be Agility's first day on the list, we have actually had them on our radar unofficially for some time now.

The applications listed under CMS Focus are not necessarily the biggest and most popular in content management, but instead are CMSs that for whatever reason have caught and kept our attention. If you find value in the CMS Focus page then that's great news and I'm glad we could help. If you find little value in lists such as these, that's fine too. CMS Report still covers many of the CMSs not on this list and is just happy to play whatever role we add value to in your quest for a better CMS solution.

With the inclusion of Agility, we were also forced to bump another CMS off the top thirty list. I've decided to retire Socialtext into our Hall of Fame. Unlike past removals, we are not removing Socialtext from the list because we see them any less influential in the industry of business social software (Enterprise 2.0). Rather, I prefer not to infer we have expertise in Socialtext when we do not. This move is an acknowledgement that for whatever reason Socialtext hasn't been in our circles of influence and CMS Report hasn't done a good job in covering their story.

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