CMS Made Simple 1.9 is available and ready

Submitted By Bryan Ruby November 09, 2010

Earlier this week, the CMSMS Development team released another milestone version of CMS Made Simple. CMS Made Simple 1.9 is a feature version with focus on flexibility and maintaining ease of use.

Significant additions and improvements in CMSMS 1.9 include:

  • Smart/Friendly URLs - Complete Freedom in URLs now customizable in any way preferred. The News Module also allows for the customizing of URLs.
  • The MenuManager module has been greatly improved with an eye on performance.
  • Features, Features and more Features
    • You can now add a description to Global Content Blocks (GCB).
    • Developers can disable the WYSIWYG editor on each individual GCB to remove the risk that it may mess up some formatting.
    • A new option to 'run' a User Defined Tag from within the admin. This allows site developers to create a UDT that maybe does some database cleanups or queries, and to run it from within the admin console rather than having to create a dummy hidden page on the sites frontend.
    • A new preference allows displaying either the menu text, or the page title in the content list.
    • The sitedown functionality has been improved. now you can display a 'Site Down' message to site visitors while logged in administrators can still see the site.
    • The behavior of the {content_image} and the thumbnail and image properties of each page has been improved.
  • jQuery Replaces
  • New Administrative theme

For additional details regarding CMS Made Simple 1.9 you can view the release announcement at CMSMS 1.9 is available at the site's download page.

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Submitted By Bryan Ruby| November 09, 2010
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