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Submitted By Jack Blatt July 07, 2009

FlashMoto is a brand new Flash CMS that will totally change any views at the Flash website, its management and maintenance.  FlashMoto content management system is the first CMS created on ActionScript3 and is the first CMS that allows website owners to manage almost any Flash website and edit absolutely everything, but not only content. There are no restrictions in website design and animation. You can modify any design element and can be sure that all graphics effects will be preserved.

The project of FlashMoto is oriented towards the webmasters who want to save their time, efforts and resources on working with their Flash website. It doesn't require any software, technical knowledge of HTML, Flash and other programming languages. FlashMoto presents a fully intuitive content Flash editor with the help of which users can easily add texts, shapes, widgets and plugins to the site’s page.

FlashMoto CMS gives an ability to add the unlimited number of pages. Due to the convenient WYSIWYG editor users can easily manipulate with any design component without writing blocks of code manually.

FlashMoto CMS provides the richest Media library that also allows uploading pictures, video, .SWF files. With the help of the built-in Image editor you can edit images in different formats.

One of the most important things is that Flash websites based on FlashMoto CMS are search engine friendly: the content is totally indexable.

Moreover, Flash developers may develop their own modules and components and integrate them into their site. Comprehensive documentation and tutorials provides all necessary help and will resolve any issues.

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Submitted By Jack Blatt| July 07, 2009

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