HarperCollins Uses Axceler FileLoader for SharePoint 2010 To Populate First Intranet Quickly and Easily

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WOBURN, MA – January 17, 2012Axceler®,the leader in Microsoft SharePoint governance, administration and migrationsoftware, today announced that HarperCollins Publishers, one of the world’s largest English-language publishers, is using Axceler FileLoaderfor SharePoint 2010 to move Windows files into SharePoint.  With FileLoader, HarperCollins moved press releases, corporate history information and market research data to its new intranet in less than one week, saving months of manual work and the related costs.

Always seeking to leverage technology for maximum business benefit, HarperCollins has implemented SharePoint 2010 Enterprise in New York City and Scranton, PA.  It faced the greatest challenge with its New York content farm, an intranet portal initially for its corporate communications and human resources departments.  With two SharePoint servers, one dedicated SQL server, 1,500 users and six gigabytes of content in New York, HarperCollins needed to look beyond native SharePoint capabilities to reduce the time and effort necessary to populate its new intranet.

“Our partner Synergy recommended FileLoader as the simplest and best way to move data into our intranet,” said John DeGiglio, senior manager of systems development for HarperCollins.  “With some rudimentary tagging of press releases and internal memos already in place, we didn’t want to redo those efforts.  FileLoader did more than we needed it to do, easily and at a very low cost in both time and expense.”

DeGiglio noted that HarperCollins has never had a collaboration platform like SharePoint, or a communications-centered intranet, making the movement of thousands of documents an even greater challenge.  “At first glance, the movement of all that data was daunting.  Doing it manually would have required months of time from our corporate communications team, since I couldn’t have done it while launching our intranet,” he observed.  “FileLoader benefited our business by enabling me to move the documents myself, saving corporate communications – and me – from an enormous burden.”

AxcelerFileLoader for SharePoint 2010 enables IT managers to quickly and easily move files originally stored in Windows file shares into SharePoint 2010.  Using FileLoader brings many of the benefits of SharePoint to Windows file shares, including one standard platform for sharing files, improved version control, workflow capabilities, document retention abilities, improved search results, tighter security, and better access control.  Unique to FileLoader is its ability to create Microsoft Excel ‘control files’ that represent the file shares, allowing administrators and users to work together to clean up their file shares and apply metadata.  The benefit is that managers can reorganize folder structures and distribute responsibility of content to stakeholders who know the content best.

“I particularly liked the control that FileLoader provided,” added DeGiglio.  “FileLoader was able to recover from mistakes and re-run jobs, correcting metadata when necessary to ensure a successful content upload.  The FileLoader user interface is so easy I will be able to quickly train our two-person SharePoint server support staff to use it when they need it.”

DeGiglio says they plan to use FileLoader when records management, legal and corporate business files are eventually moved to SharePoint.  “The FileLoader engine is awesome, and did more than we needed.  As a developer, I can truly appreciate its value to both IT and our business.”

“For the intersection of bulk uploading and automatic metadata association at a comparable price, we couldn’t have done any better than FileLoader,” DeGiglio concluded.  “It definitely hit the sweet spot for us.”

About Axceler

Since 1994, Axceler solutions have enabled enterprises to simplify, optimize and secure their collaborative platforms.  Today, Axceler is a leader in managing SharePoint governance, security, reporting and analysis.  Among its numerous Microsoft SharePoint solutions, Axceler offers award-winning ControlPointfor administration and Davinci Migratorfor migration.  In 2011, ControlPoint won the Best of Connections Award, the Gold Editors’ Best Award and the Bronze Community Choice Award in the SharePoint category from the readers and editors of Windows IT Pro.  More than 1,600 organizations worldwide are using Axceler products to control their SharePoint environments.  Headquartered in Woburn, MA, USA, Axceler maintains offices in Seattle, Los Angeles, London and Sydney.  For more information, visit http://www.axceler.com.

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Submitted By PamFoote| January 17, 2012

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