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Submitted By sutisoft December 16, 2011

A New release of its web-based Human Value Management solution SutiHVM 3.2 with additional features such as payroll processing, resume paring, etc.

SutiSoft Inc., a trusted provider of Software as a Service (SaaS) and enterprise solutions, today announced the release of SutiHVM 3.2, its solution for simplifying the human resource management process. The release adds importing resumes from website, automatic email notifications, talent search, built-in Payroll process processing, resume parsing, team goals make it an extensive HVM solution.

Performance ManagementThe easy-to-use, web-based solution eliminates manual effort, time delays, paper and administrative costs. SutiHVM improves efficiency of workforce, accuracy of information flow, compliance to regulations and adherence to company policies.

The extensive reports help HR managers to quickly get hands-on information on various aspects on the candidate recruitment to employee retirement lifecycle.

New Features Include:

Resume Parsing:

Resumes in Microsoft Outlook, local folders and popular email clients can be parsed and quickly imported into SutiHVM, eliminating the need to enter data manually.

Microsoft Outlook Integration:

Emails containing resume attachments in Microsoft Outlook are read and displayed in SutiHVM for easy importing.

Team Goals:

Managers can create goals for their team, track their completion and evaluate a team member’s performance. at the time of individual Performance Appraisals.

Attendance Synchronization:

Using the details of clock-in and clock-out, attendance is calculated and shortage details (if any) are displayed to the Time Management Admin.

Payroll with Timesheets:

Create timesheets using parameters such as payroll days, paid days, and more to generate employee payroll.

SutiHVM is available in multiple versions: Small Business, Professional and Enterprise. Visit for more pricing and more information.

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Submitted By sutisoft| December 16, 2011
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