Infographic: 2014 proclaimed as year of online engagement

Submitted By GX Software January 21, 2014

In January, most marketers find themselves making plans for the year ahead. What aims should we be pursuing in 2014? GX Software did research and concluded the following: 2014 will be the year of online engagement. Every marketer will benefit from a sound online engagement strategy, as GX Software’s infographic, published today, points out.

Research reveals that consumers are almost always addressable online (38% is addressable continuously) and use multiple channels. This offers marketers enormous opportunities to get in touch with their target groups. Nevertheless, this omnipresence of channels and brands makes it much more difficult to win customers over to your brand. Fortunately, GX Software knows what to do: place effort in online engagement. This will improve conversion with 50% and revenue with 12%. Also the click through rate will be about 18 times higher.

In 6 steps to online engagement

GX Software shares 6 tips on how to unfold an online engagement strategy. One of the tips regards prospect targeting. Make sure you will recognize an online prospect or lead as such and discover his or her product interests and buying motives. This information enables you to present this person a relevant offer and boost his/her loyalty with your brand. If you are curious to see the 5 remaining tips, please take a look at the infographic.

Infographic: Starting Online Engagement

More information?

Next to the infographic, GX Software has published a white paper about online engagement strategies.
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