Jahia launches migration program for moving to the new Jahia 6.5 CMS

Submitted By Anne de Forsan October 26, 2011

Designed for all organizations, currently Jahia customers or not, this program includes free content migration.

Jahia, provider of Java-based open source CMS solutions, is launching a certified migration program for all organizations, whether they are running a former version of Jahia or any other solution on the market; this program is designed to aide in the secure migration to Jahia 6.5.

This program will be led by Jahia Certified Partners, providing organizations with the best approach possible for safely migrating to Jahia 6.5. For clients running former versions of Jahia, the migration has no impact on the cost of their subscription.

The certified migration program assures a safe transfer of all content and critical settings, including:

  • Metadata Models (permissions, users, etc.)
  • Content definitions Transfer
  • Security & Authentication Models

As a part of this program, content will be migrated for free by the Jahia team.

A webinar presenting the full program is scheduled for October 25th. Full details and registration are available by clicking here.

The Main Features of Jahia 6.5:

Launched last June, Jahia 6.5 unifies the web, social, portal, and content management features within a single composite platform that allows for page design without programming.

For more information, please go to the Migration page of our website

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Submitted By Anne de Forsan| October 26, 2011
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