Joomla vs Drupal Opinion Survey

Submitted By raulreynoso January 28, 2009

There are several good comparative reviews of Joomla and Drupal available on the internet.  However, many of these reviews are out of date.  None of the reviews I’ve seen rely on the opinions of broad selection of experienced professionals.  Usually the reviews are the personal reflections of one well informed individual.  Still, a lot can be gained by gathering the opinions of a large group of professionals, and seeing what patterns emerge. 

We are asking professionals familiar with these content management systems to take a survey about the relative strengths and weaknesses of Joomla and Drupal.   Our survey research will provide an updated comparison of Drupal and Joomla; provide a more methodical evaluation of the strengths and weaknesses of each system; as well as quantify the tradeoffs involved in a CMS.  We hope this will lead to a better understanding the tasks to which each CMS is best suited. 

If you would like to know more about the purpose of the survey please read our blog post.  The Survey can be found at:

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Submitted By raulreynoso| January 28, 2009
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