MODX Revolution 2.2.2 Released

Submitted By Bryan Ruby May 04, 2012

Jay Gilmore tweeted me this morning to be sure that I made a note of the latest version of MODX Revolution that was released a couple days ago. MODX Revolution 2.2.2 includes a number of important fixes, some performance improvements, and two new wizards to make it easier to create User and Resource Groups in the CMS.

If you're using MODX Revolution and have not upgraded to 2.2, you will find that it has been one of biggest releases for the MODX folks to date. There were also notable improvements and enhancements included in Revolution 2.2.1.

Some of the highlights in the MODX Revolution 2.2.2 release:

  • New wizards for creating User and Resource Groups
  • xPDO change to improve performance, specifically with getResources
  • Upgrades from command line no longer require all settings in the config file
  • Added User duplication for the easy creation of Users and to preserve settings
  • New prompt to login to regain access to work in progress after timeout
  • Improvement to URL handling
  • Further performance enhancements via xPDO method changes.

For further details, please read the release announcement found at MODX Revolution can be downloaded via the MODX download page.

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Submitted By Bryan Ruby| May 04, 2012
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