Moto CMS Version 1.3

Submitted By Tianna Morris October 06, 2010

Moto CMS (former FlashMoto CMS), one of the leading Flash CMS and Flash CMS templates provider, released a New Stable Version 1.3 of its Flash content management system. With every version Flash CMS empowered by Moto becomes more and more advanced and attractive for both Flash developers and end users.  

So, what’s new in Moto CMS 1.3 Version? Let’s find out…

  • Media Library updated
    • Media files can now be sorted and organized using folders. You can easily control, reorder and rename these folders.
    • Multiple elements can now be selected at once. You can now move, delete or preload multiple media items in one click.
    • Any types of files can now be uploaded to Media Library (doc, pdf, txt, zip etc) to be used on the site.

Moto CMS Media Library

  • Image Editor added
    • You can now edit images in your Media Library directly in control panel.
    • Basic image editing operations supported (resizing, rotation, mirroring, crop etc)
    • Some professional image filters and operations available (brightness, saturation, colorization, RGB editing etc)
    • All changes to image are tracked in history so you can easily undo and redo editing actions.
    • Image Editor has lightweight embedded Media Library browser for quick image selection

Flash Image Editor

  • HTML code generation greatly improved to help increase SEO ranking of websites.
  • Overall system responsiveness and performance increased.

You can get Moto CMS for Flash as a standalone version or with a premium Flash CMS template. Moto CMS templates are created by the team of professional Flash developers and designers who always keep up to date about the latest web technologies, current innovations and modern design trends. Each of the Moto CMS templates is a full-fledged Flash website, which can be easily managed through the integrated Flash control panel.    

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Submitted By Tianna Morris| October 06, 2010

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