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Submitted By Bryan Ruby November 05, 2007

I was looking for variety in the CMS headlines to excerpt/post at my site, but everything is coming up Drupal this morning. Not such a bad thing if you like Drupal, is it?

What I hadn't expected was a discussion of Larry Garfield's benchmarking of PHP magic over at Jeff Moore's Professional PHP Blog. Garfield has been collecting some benchmarks in preparation for Drupal 7 development. Drupal 7 "will open up developers to PHP 5 functionality when it is released next year" and likely break Drupal's compatibility with PHP 4.

Jeff Moore, in his post "Benchmarking PHP’s Magic Methods", writes:

Larry Garfield has an interesting set of benchmarks covering many of PHP's magic methods. His results correspond pretty well to my own benchmarks in the area. The thing to take away is that its not necessarily the overhead of the magic methods, but rather what you do inside them. Its hard to do anything useful inside a magic method, such as __get or __call that isn't 10 to 20 times slower than the "non-magic" solution.

I prefer to not excerpt any further from Moore's post and let it speak for itself. In the long run, the more interaction CMS projects have with those developers directly to linked to PHP, MySQL, PostGres, the better the project will be. Though, the mix of expertise and culture can also create an interesting mix of conversation too!

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Submitted By Bryan Ruby| November 05, 2007

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