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  • SilverStripe releases CMS and Framework 3.0 final beta

    The much anticipated SilverStripe open source content management system 3.0 beta 3 was released yesterday and is feature complete and ready to download now. The latest version boasts a modern and clean UI with a lot of under the hood improvements. Extensive user testing led to major interface improvements in the back end, while inserting media into the content is now easier than ever. With the release of SilverStripe 3 comes the SilverStripe Framework, which is now separated from the CMS. Here…

    By CMS Report
    Posted: May 29, 2012

  • What Can We Look Forward To With The Release of Joomla 1.6?

    In the world of Content Management Systems, Joomla is one of the most reliable and popular CMS platforms available. Stable, immensely configurable and extensible, it's used on some of the most highly trafficked websites on the Internet today. The recent release of Joomla 1.6 Beta gives a few tantalizing peeks into what to expect when the finalized version is released later this year. Experts are anticipating that the final version will be available by late summer 2010. While we're waiting for…

    By James Mowery
    Posted: May 26, 2010

  • Joomla 1.6 Beta announced by the Joomla Project

    The Joomla Project has announced the release of Joomla 1.6 Beta. Designed to offer enhanced site control and a more polished user experience, Joomla 1.6 is expected to deliver a variety of new tools to improve website management and access, a more robust organizational structure for content control, and various other user-experience improvements throughout the software. Some of the key features that will be introduced in Joomla 1.6 include: New Access Control System - Allows site administrators…

    By Bryan Ruby
    Posted: May 17, 2010

  • Tikiwiki Announces Tiki 5.0 Beta

    The Beta release of the latest generation of Tiki CMS/Groupware is now available. This 5.0 Beta includes many new features and functionality, including: New themes (skins) Many fixes and updates Beta release of Tiki workspaces Beta release of shopping cart and payments Tiki Community members are encouraged to download and explore this new release. You can obtain the Beta (as well as all other Tiki releases) from For information on this and future Tiki plans, see…

    By Tiki Wiki CMS Groupware
    Posted: April 13, 2010

  • First look: Microsoft SharePoint 2010 beta

    InfoWorld: "Major upgrade to Microsoft's Web site, intranet, and collaboration platform offers wealth of improvements for end-users, IT professionals, and developers." Complete Story

    By CMS Report
    Posted: November 24, 2009

  • Introducing the First Silverlight Powered .NET CMS

    Launched recently is the new .NET CMS from Media Courtyard, currently in its second beta stage and due for final release over the coming months. What makes this .NET CMS stand out is its use of the new Microsoft Silverlight 3 plugin which gives content editors an easy to use WYSIWYG interface. The beta version can be freely downloaded and installed on a shared server to keep costs low.  In terms of features it has all the usual CMS functionality such as page metadata, indexed search, dynamic…

    By netdan
    Posted: August 17, 2009

  • Coming soon: Wordpress 2.8

    Wordpress 2.8, currently under development as a beta, is expected to be completed and released in a week or two. Until then, you can check out some of the documentation at to find all of the new goodies being added to this latest version of the blogging software. Some of the highlights for Wordpress 2.8 include: New drag-and-drop widgets admin interface and new widgets API Syntax highlighting and function lookup built into plugin and theme editors Dashboard widgets can be…

    By Bryan Ruby
    Posted: June 03, 2009

  • Features to expect in Geeklog 1.6

    Geeklog, an open source blogging application, just went into its first beta. This release incorporates some of the work done in projects implemented during the 2008 Google Summer of Code. New features and improvement you can expect in Geeklog 1.6.0 Beta 1 include: Site migration support and easier plugin installation, by Matt West Improved search, by Sami Barakat Comment moderation and editable comments, by Jared Wenerd A new plugin to produce proper sitemap.xml files, by mystral-kk Bug fixes…

    By Bryan Ruby
    Posted: May 04, 2009

  • Konductor CMS now accepting pre-release requests

    Konductor is now accepting 500 submissions to join the pre-release of their new content management system. It includes Dreamweaver integration for use during the design process, and an AIR based user application for the actual content management. You can find more information below: You can learn more about the Konductor pre-release from this post on their blog.

    By Andrew Odri
    Posted: October 11, 2008

  • Development milestone for Geeklog 1.5

    The release of Geeklog 1.5.0 Beta 1 by the Geeklog Team marked a new milestone for the open source blogging system. Although the software is still in development, Geeklog's developers hope to release the final version of Geeklog 1.5 on May 26th. The end of May marks the beginning of the coding phase for Google's Summer of Code 2008. To mark the occasion, Geeklog is highlighting the work done by students participating in last year's Summer of Code that is going into this new release. How…

    By Bryan Ruby
    Posted: May 05, 2008

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