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  • Ryan Merkley, Former Mozilla Foundation COO, Named CEO of Creative Commons

    Ryan Merkley, Former Mozilla Foundation COO, Named CEO of Creative Commons

    Creative Commons announced this week the appointment of Ryan Merkley to the position of chief executive officer. Ryan was recently chief operating officer of the Mozilla Foundation, the nonprofit parent of the Mozilla Corporation and creator of the world’s most recognizable open-source software project and internet browser, Firefox. At the Mozilla Foundation, Ryan led development of open-source projects like Webmaker, Lightbeam, and Popcorn, and also kicked off the Foundation’s major online fundraising effort, resulting in over $1.8 million USD in individual donations from over 44,000 new donors.

    By Bryan Ruby
    Posted: May 16, 2014

  • The Clash of Culture, Copyright, and Business

    Copyright Criminals, which airs its documentaries on PBS, has an upcoming show on the rise of sampling in hip-hop music. While, the documentary focuses on copyright laws covering music it's not too difficult to apply lessons learned for other content including text found on web sites. You may notice that I currently don't specify a copyright or Creative Commons license on my site. Where do I stand on the issue? I pretty much follow US Copyright laws which basically says using excerpts from an…

    By Bryan Ruby
    Posted: January 16, 2010

  • Finding free multimedia for your site

    I was just thinking the other day how nice it would be to find a list of places for free stock images that could be used to spice up things at my sites. Then comes along this article at Mashable, 26 Places to Find Free Multimedia for Your Blog. I love it when things work out this way. Nothing makes a blog post more eye-catching than a great header image, but not all publishers have artistic talent. And even accomplished digital creatives often crave some found material to start from or work…

    By Bryan Ruby
    Posted: August 06, 2009

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