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  • Digging with Drupal

    I'm not the first one to point this out, but Wired recently contained a post discussing a Drupal module that can be used to give you a Digg-like site. Drupal developer Tony Mobily has built a new module for Drupal which enables anyone to start up their own Digg clone. You can grab the code and contribute to the project at, or you can see it in action at It looks like there may be some theming challenges to overcome, but the module looks very promsing for…

    By Bryan Ruby
    Posted: December 24, 2007

  • Digg Burrows Down a New Path

    "The popular news-aggregator site has launched a redesign to counter criticisms of its turn away from hard news. Will the changes help?"Complete Story

    By Bryan Ruby
    Posted: December 19, 2006

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