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  • Who really invented the tablet?

    The 1994 Knight-Ridder video I attached at the bottom of this post  is a fantastic reminder that the tablet predates the iPad and Android tablet by many decades. During the "hypermedia" era of the late 1980's, I can recall taking a "tech of the future" class where my professor discussed in similar detail what a tablet might look like in the future. He described a day where students would be sitting under trees reading not not from paper books but utilizing exactly what we know today as the digital tablet. 

     Believe it or not though, the origins of the tablet computer date back to the 19th century.

    By Bryan Ruby
    Posted: December 13, 2011

  • Make learning history interesting and fun with Packt's latest Moodle book

    Packt's recently published book History Teaching with Moodle 2 aims to help educators make their History lessons less boring for their students by effortlessly transforming their existing lesson plans into interactive online courses. Written by John Martin Mannion, the book follows the creation of a history course that includes activities for all age groups, with subjects ranging from the medieval times up to the fall of the Third Reich. Moodle is a free source e-learning software platform. It…

    By vishaltpacktpubcom
    Posted: June 21, 2011

  • Drupal themes go nuclear with Fusion

    For 40 years, scientists have searched for a way to bring nuclear fusion to the masses. If successful in bringing fusion online, we all could have an inexhaustible form of power to meet our world's energy needs. The promise of fusion is a dream that many have hoped to see become a reality in their lifetime. Perhaps not for as noble of cause, Drupal users have sought better themes for their Drupal sites. Four years ago, it seemed to me that creating a good theme for Drupal was almost done as an…

    By Bryan Ruby
    Posted: March 04, 2010

  • About page updated

    I spent some time over the weekend updating the About page here at CMS Report. Most of the rewrite was done in the purpose and history sections of the page. I also placed on top of the page a link to a new page informing sponsors how they can buy advertisement space. I'm probably a little bit too wordy in the about page. However, the quantity of words on the page doesn't compare to the amount of time I've spent in thought about CMS Report. Lets just say, I'm proud for what we have achieved in…

    By Bryan Ruby
    Posted: July 06, 2009

  • 15 great turning points in tech history

    ComputerWorld has put together one of the greatest # Best lists I've seen in a long time.  Check out 15 great turning points in tech history.In every industry there are key milestones that mark a change in the course of history, and the fast-moving technology field has more than its share. Presented here are 15 turning points that shaped the computing world as we know it today, including some that still continue to influence its direction for years to come.I can't decide which is my favorite…

    By Bryan Ruby
    Posted: June 11, 2008

  • Evolution of the Press Release

    Techcrunch: The press release is the least loved document in the media universe. We get way too many here at TechCrunch, and some bloggers equate them to spam. But they do have their uses. In this guest post, Brian Solis explains how the press release has evolved, and sheds some light on why it may be so difficult to kill off. Complete Story

    By Bryan Ruby
    Posted: May 12, 2008

  • I loved my Commodore 64

    As a teenager in the 1980's, I mowed lawns for three reasons. I mowed lawns to save money for college. I mowed lawns for spending money on the weekends. Finally, I mowed lawns to buy the Commodore Vic-20 and eventually I purchased the Commodore 64. I was neither envious of the school's Apple II's nor my neighbor's TI-99/4A. I had a Commodore 64 and I was cool even before geeks were cool. This month, fans of the Commodore 64 are celebrating the computer's 25th Year Anniversary. …

    By Bryan Ruby
    Posted: December 11, 2007

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