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  • Intranet Connections Innovates Intranet Design

    Intranet Connections Innovates Intranet Design

    Intranet Connections has introduced the latest release of their business intranet software, aimed at enhancing the end-user experience through simple menu navigation including the addition of mega menu functionality

    By Intranet Connections
    Posted: January 28, 2014

  • Ametys CMS 3.5.3 for management of content across Web Sites, Intranets and Extranets

    Ametys CMS 3.5.3 for management of content across Web Sites, Intranets and Extranets

    Ametys 3.5.3, the latest release of open source Ametys CMS, is designed to help enterprises find a response to advanced web publishing issues. Its features include roll-out enterprise portals, websites, blogs through a website factory, share contents between sites, use and share contents from/with social networks.

    By Maeva Mongaillard
    Posted: January 15, 2014

  • CMS Report's Top Ten Content Management Stories of 2013

    CMS Report's Top Ten Content Management Stories of 2013

    A constant worry of mine as CMS Report's editor is that we won't have enough articles to publish and give you reason to visit this little site of ours. Luckily, authors and contributors with interest in content management systems constantly prove that such my worries are unnecessary. This year almost 900 articles were submitted to CMS Report. I can't tell you how grateful I am for every article that was submitted to our site. Of those 900 submissions, we deemed only 300 of those articles worthy to publish based on quality of the writing and whether we felt the story was of interest to our readers.

    So do you want to know which CMS stories were the best of the best? Below are the top ten stories of 2013 that we posted here at The stories in this list are ranked based on the rate they were viewed since the article first appeared online.

    By Bryan Ruby
    Posted: December 30, 2013

  • Top 10 Features Your Enterprise Intranet Can’t Do Without

    Top 10 Features Your Enterprise Intranet Can’t Do Without

    Organizations are investing time and resources to make the intranet their central destination for all their employee needs. The intranet not only serves as a destination for knowledge management, but also helps to connect employees across all departments. This platform has emerged as a powerful communication tool for internal communications and adding newer dimension and functionalities to cater to all employee needs.

    So, what is the secret of keeping intranet dynamic and interesting while making it easy to use?

    Here are some Top 10 Must-Have Intranet Features for your enterprise which is sure to grab eyeballs and keep your employees connected.

    By Angana Chatterjee
    Posted: December 03, 2013

  • dotcms 2.5 Offers Easy-to-Deploy Push Publishing Architecture in the Cloud

    dotcms 2.5 Offers Easy-to-Deploy Push Publishing Architecture in the Cloud

    “2.5 focuses on providing an advanced, flexible and efficient publishing platform for large scale content management deployments,” said Will Ezell, CTO of dotcms. “Like all things in dotcms, the push publishing has been designed to be simple to use and still provide the power to design the architecture and process that fits your organizations’ needs”.

    By TPBrigham
    Posted: September 25, 2013

  • United Planet introduces Intrexx Share for the social intranet

    United Planet, one of the leading developers of enterprise portal software in Europe, has developed a new social business platform called Intrexx Share which it expects to drive employee collaboration and revitalize the role of the intranet as an internal company communications network.

    By RealWire
    Posted: May 22, 2013

  • CMS, ECM, WCMS … and your intranet software!

    The world of intranets was a simple one before. Nobody ever thought about having the right CMS or ECM or even WCMS to support their intranets. But was it really that simple?! I believe everyone who ever worked on an intranet or used an intranet at work had the same old problem, once a page was created where to find it? Who is allowed to create pages? How to edit them? Who approves them?

    Pages over pages created and lost in the intranet limbo. Did they really just disappear? No, not really. They just could not be found anymore - due to the lack of a good content management system. Most intranet software come with a CMS (nowadays) and make everyone’s life easier. But what do you really got to know about content management systems to ensure you got the best one for your circumstances. What does CMS or ECM or WCMS (the world of technology loves its acronyms) really mean?

    By Jeff Nevil
    Posted: January 18, 2013

  • Interact Launches World’s First Integrated Real-Time Intranet Benchmarking

    Interact, a leading supplier of intelligent intranet software, today announced the release of its game changing intranet analytics package, Interact Analytics. The cutting-edge new module is part of the Interact Intranet version 5.2 release and includes the world’s very first integrated real-time benchmarking tool, which for the first time ever will allow intranet managers to instantly compare their intranets to others of a similar size or sector.

    By interact-intranet
    Posted: November 08, 2012

  • Interact Intranet Version 5.1: Blending Traditional and Social Tools to Create an Essential Intranet

    Interact Launches Interact Intranet Version 5.1 - Blending Traditional and Social Tools to Create an Essential Intranet Interact, a leading global supplier of intranet software, today announced the release of Interact Intranet version 5.1. This exciting new release includes the brand new Activity Management module which provides intelligent activity distribution and collaboration capabilities; four new Interact Apps and an enhanced widget admin area to further improve the integration of…

    By interact
    Posted: June 22, 2012

  • Interact announces the UK winner of its global charity intranet competition

    Altrincham –UK, February 16, 2012 Interact, a leading intranet software provider is pleased to announce the UK winner of its charity intranet competition, a contest open to all charities and non-profit organisations world-wide to win a free intranet solution for their organisation. There was a huge response from charities all over the globe to the competition which was launched in November 2011. Entrants were asked to answer a qualifying question about how a collaborative intranet solution…

    By interact
    Posted: February 16, 2012

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