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  • Christopher Stone Joins Acquia Leadership

    Christopher Stone Joins Acquia Leadership

    Acquia has announced the appointment of Christopher Stone as senior vice president of products and development. Stone has more than 30 years of experience in software development and pioneering open source solutions for the enterprise. Stone will be responsible for engineering, DevOps, and product management of the Acquia Platform, helping lead the expansion of the company’s suite of SaaS solutions for building and managing integrated digital experiences.

    By Bryan Ruby
    Posted: September 25, 2014

  • Research: NTFS is still the most common in data recovery incidents

    NTFS is still the most common in data recovery incidents, based on ReclaiMe Data Recovery research

    ReclaiMe Data Recovery, one of the leading data recovery software vendors, today declared the results of the internal research aimed at determining most commonly recovered file systems. The research found that NTFS still wins with more than 60% of all the incidents while the recently released ReFS is not yet popular, it takes last place with 1%. The research was conducted during 2013 and covered about 30,000 recovery incidents.

    By RealWire
    Posted: March 27, 2014

  • CloudSigma's Membership to The Linux Foundation Reinforces its Position as a Customer-Centric Public Cloud Provider

    CloudSigma, an international, customer-centric, pure-cloud Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) provider, today announced that it has joined The Linux Foundation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to accelerating the growth of Linux.

    By RealWire
    Posted: November 09, 2012

  • Master Java software engineering with Maven 3 using Packt's latest cookbook

    /*-->*/ Packt's recently published Apache Maven 3 Cookbook is a collection of over 50 real-world recipes on efficient Java software development with Apache Maven 3. Written by Srirangan, the book is aimed to help developers, managers and teams grasp the fundamentals and extend Apache Maven 3 to meet their needs. Amongst other topics, the book throws light on collaboration techniques for Agile teams and integration of Apache Maven with Java, Enterprise Frameworks, and various other…
    By vishaltpacktpubcom
    Posted: September 08, 2011

  • Nuxeo Releases New Open Source ECM Packages for Ubuntu Server

    Boston – July 11, 2011 - Nuxeo, the Open Source Enterprise Content Management (ECM) platform company, today announces that Nuxeo Document Management is now available in the Ubuntu software partner catalog, ensuring ease of installation and deployment for developers building content management applications designed to run on the Ubuntu server environment. This new packaging and partnership with Canonical will ease installation, upgrades and the customization experience for the growing developer…

    By gpatel
    Posted: July 11, 2011

  • Monitor a Networking System using Cacti with New Book from Packt

    Cacti 0.8 Network Monitoring is a new book from Packt that is aimed at helping Linux administrators effectively monitor their networks using Cacti. Written by Dinangkur Kundu and S. M. Ibrahim Lavlu, this book takes users through all key features of Cacti and shows how to use them for maximum effectiveness. Cacti is an open source, web-based network monitoring tool that provides graphic solutions to your everyday monitoring issues. It is generally used to graph time-series data of metrics such…

    By ryanmathias
    Posted: December 05, 2009

  • Learn to set up, maintain and secure a Small Office Server using Linux Email

    Packt is pleased to announce Linux Email, a new book that covers everything that users need to know in order to set up their own Linux server. Written by professional Linux administrators, this book is a simple step-by-step guide to setting up a Linux email server using the most popular free Open Source tools such as PostFix, ProcMail, SpamAssassin, ClamAV, and others Linux is a free and open source software collaboration whereby typically all the underlying source code can be used, freely…

    By jasminet
    Posted: November 20, 2009

  • Working Knowledge: Microsoft vs. Open Source

    I forgot who sent the tweet on Twitter but I was pointed to some very interesting research (2005) posted at the Harvard Business School's Working Knowledge site. Microsoft vs. Open Source: Who Will Win? Using formal economic modelling, professors Pankaj Ghemawat and Ramon Casadesus-Masanell consider the competitive dynamics of the software wars between Microsoft and open source.

    By Bryan Ruby
    Posted: May 29, 2009

  • Dell Mini 10v can do linux, linux, and more linux

    It should be no surprise to long time readers that I'm a fan of both netbooks and the linux operating system. Earlier this year, I bought a Dell Mini 12 netbook with Ubuntu Linux and I'm still satisfied with my purchase. Dell's Doug Anson recently showed that the Dell Mini 10v is quite capable of running the latest linux desktops. I like just the fact that Dell entertains the ideas of running something besides Windows on their desktops and laptops.

    By Bryan Ruby
    Posted: May 20, 2009

  • Open source closes gap on Microsoft's next Silverlight

    The Register: "Moonlight 2.0 has been delivered for preview featuring APIs from Microsoft's Silverlight 3.0 that the project's organizers said it made sense to add. Moonlight puts Microsoft's Silverlight on Linux and Unix. Moonlight 2.0 is modeled on Silverlight 2.0 but since work began on the second version of Moonlight, Microsoft released a beta for the third edition of Silverlight with final code expected later this year." Complete Story

    By Bryan Ruby
    Posted: May 05, 2009

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