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  • Frog CMS and Socialtext in CMS Report's Top 30 List

    I recently added Frog CMS and Socialtext to CMS Report's CMS Focus page.  CMS Focus is a list of the top 30 Web applications that represent what I feel are the Web applications of today and tomorrow.  In a world where niche CMS news sites try to cover it all for their readers (more power to them), I feel one of the strengths of is limiting our focus on a certain number of CMS.  The CMS on this list are applications I recommend site owners first look at before moving into the deep…

    By Bryan Ruby
    Posted: March 09, 2009

  • osCommerce Online Merchant v3.0 Alpha 5

    osCommerce announced that their osCommerce Online Merchant v3.0 Alpha 5 will be made available on March 11th.  They've also retooled the schedule for additional releases of this well known shopping cart. osCommerce Online Merchant v3.0 Alpha 5 was scheduled for release by the end of February and has been postponed to ensure the quality of the release. It will now be released on Wednesday the 11th of March. This release also brings in a new roadmap and release strategy for the v3.x series. Our…

    By Bryan Ruby
    Posted: March 07, 2009

  • What should I do with osCommerce?

    Not long ago, I expressed doubts whether osCommerce has a future.  While osCommerce is widely used by thousands of sites, and incidentally the only shopping cart I've ever put into production, its development cycle has been painfully slow for many of its open source contributors and users.  As I've said before, when the 3.0 version of osCommerce is released I find it unlikely that the new osCommerce will have many of the Web 2.0 features that the new breed of shopping carts currently have now. …

    By Bryan Ruby
    Posted: January 14, 2009

  • Is osCommerce dead?

    There it was in front of my eyes.  The headline in osCommerce's forum read, "Is OsC Dead?, Discussion of the Progress of OsC" [link removed by osCommerce folks?].  Despite how some may read the title, the thread isn't about bashing osCommerce.  Instead, it is about users and community members concerned and even fearful of the slow pace of new development for osCommerce.  Despite all the talk about osCommerce 3.0, it has been a year and a half since OsC 3 Alpha 4 was released with the roadmap…

    By Bryan Ruby
    Posted: October 05, 2008

  • Ubercart 1.0 for Drupal 5

    The release of Ubercart 1.0 was announced earlier today.  Ubercart is an open source e-commerce package (shopping cart) that fully integrates your online store with the open source CMS, Drupal.  We've been watching Ubercart for some time and like some of the look-and-feel it borrows from osCommerce. Some of the features in Ubercart 1.0 as reported by their shopping cart's Website include: Configurable product catalog includes catalog pages and a block to display product categories. Flexible…

    By Bryan Ruby
    Posted: June 04, 2008

  • PHP-based CMS apps that changed the world

    I know I'm a week behind about this, but I just came across the link via Gadgetopia:  Open-source PHP applications that changed the world.  The CMS related applications that were determined world changers are listed below. PHP-Nuke - 1999 eZ Publish - 2000 osCommerce - 2000 phpBB - 2000 Gallery - 2001 Drupal - 2001 MediaWiki - 2002 WordPress - 2003 Joomla! - 2005 Magento eCommerce - 2007 When you split the list into three sections, you get the feeling that PHP-Nuke, ezPublish, and osCommerce…

    By Bryan Ruby
    Posted: May 30, 2008

  • An osCommerce to Magento conversion tool

    A tool for migrating your osCommerce site to Magento has been updated at Magento Connect.  For those of us that our osCommerce users looking for other options, this is exciting stuff.  The new version offers improvements in UTF8 conversion and product image importing.  This tool even has its very own wiki page.

    By Bryan Ruby
    Posted: May 09, 2008

  • Review of 9 open source e-commerce platforms

    Webdistortion, a web design studio in Northern Ireland, recently reviewed nine different e-commerce platforms. All nine platforms reviewed were open source software packages.With e-commerce webdesign really starting to take off, its never been more important to choose a platform which suits you as a developer (i.e. one that you can support) and one that will provide your clients with the features that they need to run a successful online shop.There are a number of ways of getting a shop online,…

    By Bryan Ruby
    Posted: May 05, 2008

  • Hello Magento, Goodbye Mambo

    Last week marked the official release of Magento 1.0, an open source ecommerce platform. Magento has been on my radar scope for some time thanks to those who have left comments about it here. Since, I likely will have need of a good shopping cart this year for a planned project, I've decided to put some focus on Magento. I will be removing Mambo from my top 30 "CMS Focus" list to make room for Magento. My apologies to Mambo fans. Magento isn't just a "shopping cart" but attempts to also…

    By Bryan Ruby
    Posted: April 10, 2008

  • New Book Teaches Webmasters How to Sell Online using osCommerce

    osCommerce Webmaster’s Guide to Selling Online is a new book from Packt Publishing that will help users increase their sales and profits with expert tips on SEO, Marketing, Design and Selling Strategies. Written by Vadym Gurevych, this book is packed with expert advice and practical examples of effective store design and report creation to help anyone administering an osCommerce site make better decisions, formulate more effective strategies, and measure success. osCommerce is an open-source…

    By Bryan Ruby
    Posted: December 19, 2007

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