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  • Online Brands Not Doing Enough to Guard Against a Google Penalty

    Online Brands Not Doing Enough to Guard Against a Google Penalty

    It’s easy to fall foul of Google’s rules says founder of digital marketing software and service company

    New York - January 30, 2014 - With Google cranking up its war on web spam in recent years, Searchmetrics, which operates an enterprise SEO platform, is warning that website owners – including many top online brands – may not be doing enough to guard against the risk of a Google penalty which could drastically reduce their organic search rankings, traffic and company value.

    The company’s software and analysis recently indicated that travel website may have been impacted by a Google penalty which saw its organic search visibility[1] drop by around 25%. Not only is this likely to have caused a drop in traffic and revenue, but it also affected the company stock price and value.
    By RealWire
    Posted: January 30, 2014
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  • Study: Top Brands automatically rank higher on Bing as well as Google

    Just a quarter of search results on the first page of Bing and Google are the same according to a comprehensive analysis of US search results in 2013

    New York - On Bing, as on Google, pages from top brand web sites seem to have an automatic advantage which means they rank in the top search results positions. And content quality, social media signals and backlinks are all associated with pages that rank higher in searches. While only about a quarter (24.7%) of web pages (URLs) that appear on the first page of Bing’s search engine results are also included on the first page of Google.

    The findings come from the SEO Ranking Factors – Rank Correlation 2013 for Bing USA study by digital marketing software and services company, Searchmetrics, which aims to identify the key factors that help web pages rank well in searches on Bing US and compares them with results from a similar earlier Searchmetrics study of Google US results. The new study is based on an analysis of search results from for 10,000 popular keywords and 300,000 websites appearing in the top 30 search results and picks out the issues that correlate with a high ranking on Bing.

    By RealWire
    Posted: October 11, 2013
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  • Systems Alliance Announces Availability of SiteExecutive 2013 Enhancement Pack 1

    Enhancement Pack full of enriched features, improvements and support for multiple databases and ColdFusion versions

    Systems Alliance, a digital and IT consulting firm helping clients build, assess and optimize online properties and IT operations, today announced the release of Enhancement Pack 1 (EP1) for SiteExecutive 2013, a software update for the company’s Web content management system (CMS). This enhancement pack will be generally available on September 24th.

    Enhancement Pack 1 now features a new search application built on the powerful Apache Solr engine. This new application allows content authors to easily place a search box on any page of their website. SiteExecutive is able to index all of the data stored within the CMS in real time. Unlike Google search, edits made to the site are immediately reflected in the search, providing your site visitors with the optimal user experience.

    By CMS Report
    Posted: September 24, 2013
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  • CMS Made Simple 1.11.8 Released

    CMS Made Simple 1.11.8 Released

    The development team for CMS Made Simple recently announced the latest version in its CMSMS 1.11 series. This release brings a few minor features, some performance improvements, documentation improvements, a Smarty upgrade, and a number of bug fixes (including a minor security issue).

    By Bryan Ruby
    Posted: September 11, 2013
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  • Study: Google Plus Ones and Relevant Content Closely Linked with High Google Search Rankings

    Study: Google Plus Ones and Relevant Content Closely Linked with High Google Search Rankings

    But ‘keyword domains’ are less important according to a comprehensive analysis of factors that correlate with ranking highly in Google US searches in 2013

    Web pages that rank higher in Google searches tend to have more Google+ plus ones and Facebook shares. While having a relevant keyword in the web site domain name or web address now seems less closely linked with high rankings according to new research. And while pages with higher quality content rank better, top brand web pages apparently continue to automatically rank in top positions without obeying the same rules as other sites.

    By RealWire
    Posted: June 25, 2013
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  • The search for Search 2.0

    The search for Search 2.0

    We all misplace things from time to time. Keys, your phone, your wallet. But according to Simon Bain of search specialists, Simplexo, it is not just in the real world that we are confronted with this, but in the digital world too, and if we are to learn anything from our experiences, search needs to learn and adapt – in other words it's time for Search 2.0.

    By RealWire
    Posted: February 20, 2013
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  • Search for Georgia: how an open source CMS is helping press freedom

    Search for Georgia: how an open source CMS is helping press freedom

    The country of Georgia has not traditionally been an easy place to make news. Yet, despite being ranked only 105th of 179 countries in the latest World Press Freedom Index (compiled by Reporters Without Borders), a interesting group of media organizations are helping to build an open source CMS that they hope could change the dominance of traditional, government-approved media and shift power to more agile, innovative news start-ups.

    By Adam Thomas
    Posted: January 29, 2013
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  • 7 Key Factors that Improves SEO Ranking

    7 Key Factors that Improves SEO Ranking

    Search engine optimization (SEO) is defined as the process of affecting the visibility of a website or a web page in a search engine's "natural" or un-paid ("organic") search results. A variety of methods can increase the prominence of a webpage within the search results but as search engine providers are constantly tweaking their indexing algorithm website owners should review the SEO techniques they utilize for their own site. Following are some of the key optimization parameters that the author believes will contribute to the improved SEO Ranking.

    By Deepak Bhat
    Posted: November 16, 2012
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  • The Chris Pliakas presentation on Search Lucene in Drupal

    The Chris Pliakas presentation on Search Lucene in Drupal

    While I was at DrupalCon last week, Chris Pliakas sent a tweet out that he used screenshots from CMS Report in his Apache Lucene presentation. I'm always flattered when this site gets noticed for something we're apparently doing right. In this particular case, we're using the contributed Drupal module Search Lucene API for our search engine as well as for faceted search and content recommendations (recommended links).

    By Bryan Ruby
    Posted: April 26, 2010
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  • Bitrix Introduces the D.I.G. Engine : Enterprise 2.0 Search Technology

    ALEXANDRIA , VA. – Bitrix, Inc. (, a technology trendsetter in business communications solutions, introduces D.I.G. technology – an advanced search engine developed specifically for enterprise intranets and websites that enables high-performance data search in texts, media content and documents with smart ranking, sorting and display. The engine is available in the company’s flagship products – Bitrix Intranet Portal and Bitrix Site Manager. "Information is a gateway to new…

    By bitrix
    Posted: March 12, 2010
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