Web Publishing - Are all Stakeholders Involved?

Submitted By Steve O'Brien September 21, 2011

For years, the creation and management of web content fell under the auspices of one or two individuals within an organization. They may have been marketing managers, IT managers, or the once-ubiquitous “webmasters”. The advent of web content management systems (WCMS) changed all of that years ago, but many companies and organizations still rely on a disproportionately small number of staff to keep their website content moving.

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Submitted By Steve O'Brien| September 21, 2011

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Steve O'Brien

My name is Steve O'Brien. I am the Vice President of Marketing and Sales at Aptinet. We are based in New York and are the creators of the WAVES2 Web Content Management System. Please check out our blog for tips and best practices in web CMS and web development: http://info.waves2.com

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