Webinar: Integrating Hippo CMS and IBM Smarter Commerce: The Vision

Submitted By jmadej May 23, 2014

On June 5th, Hippo, IBM and Bluetrade will host a webinar on the vision behind the integration of Hippo CMS and IBM Smarter Commerce.

Too many eCommerce sites are run like a bunch of catalogue pages rather than a collection of potential buying journeys. Hippo CMS and IBM have created a partnership to deliver truly optimized eCommerce experiences that bring together Content, Commerce, Channels and Customers. The integration between Hippo CMS and IBM WebSphere Commerce has been created by our German partner Bluetrade.

Please join us in this 60 minute Webinar to discuss:

  • What entails a great digital shopping experience and how this generates loyalty to your online store
  • How to transform from being the online cashier to serving the higher need of the customer
  • How to harmonize your online retail ecosystem to support the needs of the digital marketing team
  • Learnings: Empowering your digital marketing team to create customer loyalty that drives conversion 

June 5th, 8am PDT | 11pm EDT | 5pm CET

You may register here.

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Submitted By jmadej| May 23, 2014
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