XOOPS 2.5.7 Final Released

Submitted By mamba June 17, 2014

The XOOPS Development Team is pleased to announce the release of XOOPS 2.5.7 Final. 

This release is focused on making XOOPS CMS fully compatible with PHP 5.5.x, on security enhancements, bug fixing, and on updating external libraries to their latest versions:
  • jQuery to 1.11.0 
  • jQuery UI 1.10.4 
  • jQuery Lightbox to 1.2.3 
  • Query Form to 3.50.0 
  • Query Tablesorter to 2.5.11 
  • Growl to 1.2.14 
  • TinyMCE to 3.5.11 
Angelo Rocha has also provided this new cool theme based on Bootstrap: 

Resized Image

The main features of XOOPS are full modularization where modules can be installed/uninstalled/activated/deactivated with a mouse click, its versatile Group Permissions System, and a theme-based skinnable interface, where both webmasters and users can change the look of the entire website with just a click of a mouse. There are over thousand of themes and modules available for free download. With the most popular modules like News, Discussion Forums, Photo Galleries, Calendars, Jobs and Classifieds, Polls, and Video presentations, it’s very easy for anyone to set up a “Community Website”. And since XOOPS is Open Source, the users can also contribute back to the development.

To download XOOPS 2.5.7, and to learn more about this release, please visit our Website:

In the current economic downturn, Open Source software has become increasingly attractive to users and companies, as well as to governments, as it helps them to save a lot of money.

About XOOPS:  Founded in 2001 by group of international software developers, XOOPS quickly become one of world’s leading Open Source Content Management Systems (CMS). Known and loved for its ease of use and countless powerful modules, XOOPS received numerous International Awards and Recognitions, including being the Top 5 finalist of the 2008, 2009, and 2010 CMS Awards by Packt Publishing. In January 2009 it received the 2008 China Open Source Software Contest Award. More info at: http://www.xoops.org

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