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  • Leveraging Open Source for Digital Transformation of Enterprise

    Leveraging Open Source for Digital Transformation of Enterprise

    The explosive growth of e-commerce, mobile and social media has completely altered the customer’s lifestyle and buying habits. Companies looking to ride the wave of digital transformation need to have a digital strategy in place in order to make the most out of their digital investments.It is equally important to have a sound understanding of the digital lifecycle and identify business processes which would benefit by going digital.

    By Chandni Bhagchandani
    Posted November 23, 2015

  • unroole adds Bootstrap to its list of starting points

    unroole adds Bootstrap to its list of starting points

    A new ‘starting point’ website was released this week from to simplify website construction; this exciting new feature is built entirely from Bootstrap components.

    By Bojana Sekeljic
    Posted November 18, 2015

  • How Secure is Google's New Wi-Fi Router?

    How Secure is Google's New Wi-Fi Router?

    Google is a company that definitely needs no introduction. Starting off with a search engine embedded with artificial intelligence now this tech giant has taken the market with great ease. In the wake of advancement in internet connectivity devices and components, Google is all set to stun the market with its hardware capabilities. OnHub is the latest addition to the Google hardware family which has been launched in partnership with TP link.

    One of the top priorities of Google is to have additional security when compared to the other machines that are available. OnHub has many intriguing features that demonstrate how security should be one of the most vital considerations in the workplace. The following are some points worth mentioning in this regard.

    By Rick Delgado
    Posted November 17, 2015

  • Episerver Experience Cloud promises the best from Ektron and Episerver

    Episerver Experience Cloud promises the best from Ektron and Episerver

    This was a busy week for web developers, marketers, and users of both Episerver and Ektron. This was the week where many that follow these platforms converged in Las Vegas for EPiServer Ascend 2015. I didn't attend the customer conference, but from what I have been told and what I have read is that people walked away from this conference impressed. It is also at this conference that the Fall 2015 release of the Episerver Digital Experience Cloud was announced.

    As most of you recall, earlier this year Episerver and Ektron merged to support the digital experience platform in the cloud to better meet their customer's content and commerce needs. The Fall 2015 release of the Episerver Digital Experience Cloud is expected to offer substantive new and converged functionality from the best of Ektron and Episerver. The Fall Release is promising to empower marketers, merchandisers and digital developers to achieve their ideas through a productive “people-first technology” platform.

    By Bryan Ruby
    Posted November 13, 2015

  • Plan For Success: Overcoming The Top Big Data Management Challenges

    Plan For Success: Overcoming The Top Big Data Management Challenges

    It's impossible to ignore big data. Even industries such as oil and gas — which have historically taken a pass on these technologies — are now gearing up to invest in big data. According to a recent Visiongain report, oil and gas companies are set to spend $3.51 billion on big data this year, while the market at large is headed for a $72 billion dollar future by 2022. Bottom line? Companies need some kind of information handling solution to succeed in the evolving tech landscape, but just throwing money at the problem won't work: Businesses need a well-crafted plan of action to overcome critical data challenges. Here is a look at the top four.

    By XO Communications
    Posted November 03, 2015

  • Success in Hollywood May Require Big Data

    Success in Hollywood May Require Big Data

    2015 is Hollywood’s big comeback! At least, that’s how it’s being reported.

    After what was an absolutely dismal year at the box office in 2014, movie studios were anxious to see success when 2015 rolled around. The results so far? Fairly impressive for the most part, with box office revenue up and more movies becoming hits, and that’s without the can’t-miss pile of money sure to come from the new Star Wars movie due out before the end of the year. Hollywood may be breathing a sigh of relief, but this year’s returns may be masking a lingering problem -- people just aren’t going out to the movies like they used to. In just the past three years, the four largest film studios have lost billions of dollars on their big releases. Attracting audiences means releasing better films, and the key to making a better movie might just come from the recent advances in big data analytics.

    These factors, all working in tandem, are all part of trend of using big data for business. It’s a revolutionary way of thinking, but one that studios need to adopt if they want to see their fortunes change. Marketing can get much smarter, movies can involve content people actually want to see, and studios can figure out how well a movie will do weeks or even months before its even released to the public.

    By Jared Jaureguy
    Posted October 20, 2015

  • Infographic: Manage the Surge In Unstructured Data

    Businesses are relying on big data more and more every year. Big data helps companies make more informed business decisions and discover new opportunities. 

    XO Communications has produced a infographic about the upcoming rise in unstructured data. This infographic shows that enterprises will have to be able to manage 50 times more information by 2020 and IT staff will only increase by 1.5%.

    By XO Communications
    Posted October 16, 2015

  • Big Names are Working to Acquire Cloud Computing Startups

    Big Names are Working to Acquire Cloud Computing Startups

    The cloud computing marketplace is an evolving landscape filled with corporate giants, plucky startups, and creative innovators intent on launching the next big cloud breakthrough. In this constantly shifting environment, many cloud competitors are diligently working on ways to get an edge over their rivals. Part of this strategy, at least on the part of the larger cloud companies, involves acquiring cloud startups that feature unique services and products. This helps the larger companies diversify their offerings, increase their share of the market, and incorporate new ideas with the goal of moving their business forward. It’s a model that has been used in other industries, so it should come as little surprise that the cloud marketplace is pursuing it. Recent history shows the big names in cloud computing are eager to acquire promising startups. The following is just a brief look at acquisitions from the past few months.

    By Rick Delgado
    Posted October 12, 2015

  • Questback confirms it meets stringent, revised EU data transfer regulations

    In light of the recent European Court of Justice ruling to invalidate the Safe Harbor data-transfer agreement between the U.S. and European Union/European Economic Area (EEA), Questback today confirmed that it remains compliant with the EU/EEA data protection regulations. The new ruling means that technology companies processing data under the Safe Harbor framework are no longer in compliance with the EU/EEA regulations, and that customers using such services may be in breach of the law.

    By RealWire
    Posted October 08, 2015

  • Centerview Capital invests $55 Million into Acquia

    Centerview Capital invests $55 Million into Acquia

    Acquia has announced that they have closed a $55 million equity financing round through the help of Centerview Capital Technology. Centerview Capital specializes in partnering with the management teams of midsize companies they see as "high potential" for growth. Centerview Capital Technology led the financing round, with support from existing investors including New Enterprise Associates and Split Rock Partners. This funding will help Acquia scale its global operations, sales and marketing as well as the development of its solutions for building, delivering, and optimizing digital experiences.

    By Bryan Ruby
    Posted September 28, 2015

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