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  • Office 365 Review: Confessions of a Modern IT Guy

    Office 365 Review: Confessions of a Modern IT Guy

    Office 365 Small Business and Small Business Premium provide exceptional value for your small business productivity needs. It might seem a little scary at first to sign up for a recurring software fee, but you get what you pay for – a true cloud service that requires minimal effort to set up and manage. Perfect for a modern IT guy who is wearing many hats.

    By Michael Assad
    Posted March 13, 2014
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  • CloudSigma Partners with New Relic to Improve Public Cloud Application Performance Monitoring

    New Relic Furthers Trust in the Cloud for CloudSigma Customers’ Critical Applications and Workloads Zurich, Switzerland – March 12, 2014 – CloudSigma, a public cloud IaaS provider with advanced hybrid hosting solutions, today announced that it has partnered with software analytics company New Relic, Inc. to provide customers with new levels of real-time insight into the health of their applications and server infrastructure. Tightly integrated into CloudSigma’s existing public…

    By RealWire
    Posted March 12, 2014
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  • Big Data and Mobile Partner Up

    Big Data and Mobile Partner Up

    Last October, Facebook announced that 49 percent of advertising revenue comes from its mobile platform. The percentage was up from zero just 18 months before. How did the company manage that? With big data, of course. The social media site used data analysis to determine how many ads should be featured, and how a user would react to a particular ad before placing it in the news feed.

    Facebook is just one example of how big data and the rise of mobile technology are influencing each other. Mobile data is a big source of the rising volume of data known as big data that companies can use to understand their customers better. At the same time, mobile developers use big data to help them develop their product and cater to their audience, and sometimes data is the product mobile developers are offering to their consumers. Let’s look at this partnership in action.

    By Gil Allouche
    Posted February 21, 2014
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  • Docebo new release set to challenge elearning industry’s big players

    Docebo new release set to challenge elearning industry’s big players

    New 6.2 release of the LMS Cloud Solution improves delivery and supports Enterprise Learning from end-to-end

    Docebo, the global e-learning solutions provider, announces today the release of Docebo LMS 6.2 version which is now available for up to 20,000 users. The e-learning platform has been enhanced with a number of new features and a pricing plan tailored for large enterprises making it a cost-effective investment that leverages the benefits and flexibility of a pure SaaS.

    By Bob Little
    Posted February 18, 2014
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  • How the Cloud is Transforming the IT Industry

    How the Cloud is Transforming the IT Industry

    Much of the discussion on the economic impact of cloud computing has focused on the cost savings and increased value for businesses, but the cloud is also impacting the IT industry, as new job roles are being created and the demand for other roles is decreasing. Many IT professionals may soon find themselves needing to transfer their skills and acquire new ones in order to be valuable in a cloud environment. Here’s a look at the impact the cloud is having on the job market and the skills IT professionals will need to develop.

    By Gil Allouche
    Posted February 11, 2014
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  • Agility January 2014 Release improves sync and status

    Agility January 2014 Release improves sync and status

    Agility Inc. just released a new version of their content manager, version "January 2014". Most of the improvements in this version of the Agility CMS focus on the backend. Highlighted features include improved synchronization updates for Agility.Web as well as improved content and page status bar notifications.

    By Bryan Ruby
    Posted January 24, 2014
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  • Avere Experiences Triple-Digit Bookings and Customer Growth as Customers Look to Reinvent Their Data Storage Architectures

    New Users Embrace Avere’s Innovative Data Storage Solutions for Cloud and Performance of Critical Applications PITTSBURGH – January 22, 2014 – Avere Systems, a leading provider of enterprise storage for cloud enabled data centers, today announced the company experienced substantial growth and momentum in 2013 in the key areas of bookings, customer acquisition and product innovation. The explosion in the scale, complexity and cost of data in the enterprise combined with the adoption of cloud…

    By RealWire
    Posted January 22, 2014
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  • Weebly Review: A Worthy WordPress Challenger

    Weebly Review: A Worthy WordPress Challenger

    For a simple corporate website, brand site or web store, Weebly is an exceptional tool and worth a look. I don’t know of any CMS, including WordPress, that comes close to this level of usability and functionality for the price.

    By Michael Assad
    Posted January 02, 2014
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  • When Big Data And BYOD Collide

    2013 has been a big year in the tech space. Rather than focusing on just one big trend, there have been several changing the way we store, access and use our data. Big data and BYOD, in particular, have been competing for attention from IT professionals. However, these two trends are not separate from each other. In fact, these two trends are actually complementary with the progression of one contributing to the other. By looking at these two trends collectively, we can see how they are contributing to the way businesses use data.

    By Gil Allouche
    Posted December 24, 2013
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  • Centrix Software’s 365 iQ facilitates cost-savings by right-sizing Microsoft Office 365

    Centrix Software, workspace management solutions expert, has announced the latest addition to its WorkSpace iQ suite; WorkSpace 365 iQ. This option has been developed in response to the overwhelming demand from organizations looking to migrate their office suites to Office 365, and also from Microsoft partners managing the projects. They all want a usage analytics solution that helps them to optimise their investment in this cloud-based alternative to Microsoft Office.

    WorkSpace 365 iQ can save* customers thousands of dollars with features such as the profiling of users’ SKU requirements and deliver projects faster by, for example, identifying the users who can move now, or with the least effort. It also enables organizations to rationalize their software environment by identifying where applications could be replaced with the standard Office 365 suite.

    By RealWire
    Posted December 06, 2013
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