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  • Solving the Duplicate Entry Problem with Drupal Comments

    A couple months ago, I experienced a number of errors at my Drupal site that all pointed to a corrupted database. I believe the problem likely was the caused by a sloppy export/import I performed with the MySQL database while moving the site to a new server.While my particular database problem was an easy fix, if you really don't know much about databases you may find that you really need some guidance on how to solve problems like these. This article is the process I went through to correct…

    By Bryan Ruby
    Posted November 14, 2007

  • The Power of Free and Many?

    The Power of Free and Many?

    I came across another one of those "top ten" lists, this time, "Ten Reasons to choose Wordpress". Among the ten reasons to choose Wordpress were: Wordpress is used the world over Famous bloggers use Wordpress Wordpress is free I've used Wordpress before and I have to say I chose it for its functionality and not whether a million zillion people used it. I know there are people who use, join, and buy something because it is popular. However, I have thankfully never been one of…

    By Bryan Ruby
    Posted November 12, 2007

  • Why do cool kids build Websites with PHP or Ruby, not Java?

    Coach Wei, Java developer, asks the following question on his blog. Here is a question that I have been pondering on and off for quite a while: Why do "cool kids" choose Ruby or PHP to build websites instead of Java? At work we're actually moving many of our in-house desktop applications from Python to Java. I wouldn't be too surprised to see us migrate more PHP Web applications over to Java too for some of the reasons Wei gives in his blog post. But I have a theory as to why…

    By Bryan Ruby
    Posted November 08, 2007

  • Moving a SMF forum to a phpBB forum

    Thanks to a post at, I came across a conversion tool to allow you to import the SMF 1.1 database into a phpBB 3 site. Information about the conversion tool can be found in a forum post at By the way, the script is still in beta, meaning that it works but you might find some bugs since it is not fully tested. It is not that I'm encouraging anyone to convert their site from SMF to phpBB, but it is very nice to have options such as these available. In fact…

    By Bryan Ruby
    Posted November 07, 2007

  • Netlog showdown showing U.S. needs more than language lessons

    The November 1st issue of the Wall Street Journal has an interesting article regarding (formerly Facebox). The article is titled, "How Netlog Leaps Language Barriers". The article focuses on the diversity challenges that social networking sites have in Europe with Europeans speaking more than a dozen languages. Netlog appears to have stepped up to the cultural diversity challenge and is doing so at a much lower investment cost than its rivals. Netlog's secret weapons: the use…

    By Bryan Ruby
    Posted November 06, 2007

  • PHP Magic Methods discussed at Pro PHP Blog

    I was looking for variety in the CMS headlines to excerpt/post at my site, but everything is coming up Drupal this morning. Not such a bad thing if you like Drupal, is it? What I hadn't expected was a discussion of Larry Garfield's benchmarking of PHP magic over at Jeff Moore's Professional PHP Blog. Garfield has been collecting some benchmarks in preparation for Drupal 7 development. Drupal 7 "will open up developers to PHP 5 functionality when it is released next year" and likely break…

    By Bryan Ruby
    Posted November 05, 2007

  • Text editor, Advertisement

    I'm in the middle of switching the text editor on CMS Report from FCKeditor to TinyMCE. Both are fine WYSIWYG editors, but I have seen some problems lately so this is a good time to try something different. The text editor is available to those who have open a free account here at CMS Report. The CSS in the Drupal theme I'm using isn't quite compatible with the TinyMCE editor so I'll be doing some tweaking in the next week or so. During the past few months, I've been getting inquiries…

    By Bryan Ruby
    Posted November 03, 2007

  • Demand for IT Admins Hits Five Year High

    Baseline reports that demand continues to increase for qualified people in the information technology field.  This demand is in part due to the number of the baby boomer generation retiring within the next 10 years.  Also, the decrease in students choosing a major in computer science, engineering, or mathematics isn't helping either. In the article, Demand for IT Admins Hits Five Year High , a survey found strong needs and increasing salaries for IT professionals for the following computer…

    By Bryan Ruby
    Posted November 02, 2007

  • Drupal Overall Winner in Packt's 2007 Open Source CMS Award

    Packt Publishing announced that Drupal has won their Overall 2007 Open Source Content Management System Award. After three intense months of voting, Packt Publishing can today announce that Drupal has won the Overall 2007 Open Source CMS Award. With 18,000 votes on Packt’s website, coupled with the expert opinions from a panel of judges, Drupal succeeds Joomla! as the overall winner and receives a cheque for $5,000. Joomla!, last year's award winner, placed second this year and was…

    By Bryan Ruby
    Posted November 02, 2007

  • Best Open Source PHP CMS: Joomla wins, Drupal second and e107 third

    By golly, Joomla has been awarded as the Best PHP Open Soure CMS in Packt Publishing's 2007 awards. Joomla! is today revealed as the Award's third category winner, claiming Best Open Source PHP Content Management System. Last year's overall winner came out on top ahead of Drupal in second and e107 in third place and receives $2,000. Joomla! was selected as the winner in the Best PHP category due to "its good front-end for administrators and end-users, which gives users a simple and…

    By Bryan Ruby
    Posted October 31, 2007

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