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  • XOOPS Foundation gets an official Web site

    The XOOPS Foundation just announced that they have gone live with the XOOPS Foundation Web site.  The purpose of the site is to help bring transparency to its open source community on the role it hopes to play in the in the current and future directions of the XOOPS Project.  This site will allow you to contact the XOOPS Foundation directly: in order to request support for XOOPS related projects (liaison, conferences, exhibitions, publicity, documentation, representation, and more). It will…

    By Bryan Ruby
    Posted October 02, 2007

  • My upgrade to Wordpress 2.3

    My upgrade to Wordpress 2.3

    I recently upgrade a blog of mine from Wordpress 2.2 to Wordpress 2.3.  My wife and I don't post on the blog much (looking for better ideas on how to utilize the site), but it's great to keep around to test the latest and greatest Wordpress has to offer.  In my view, the most important new feature in Wordpress 2.3 is the baseline introduction of tags (also called taxonomy or even categories in other CMS applications).
    By Bryan Ruby
    Posted September 28, 2007

  • Ubercart: An alternative to the osCommerce shopping cart and Drupal's e-Commerce module

    One of the things I like about browsing the Web for posts on various CMS topics is that they always seem to show up on the Web when when I need them the most.  For example, I'm starting to consider whether I'll continue to use osCommerce for some sites that I manage.  While the yet to be released osCommerce 3.0 will likely be an option next year, I'm open to other possibilities.  What I would like to see is a shopping cart that integrates well with a full CMS.  In the past, I've found Joomla's…

    By Bryan Ruby
    Posted September 27, 2007

  • Jared Ritchey: Index Faster in Google with WordPress

    Jared Ritchey has a few things to say about search engine optimization and WordPress.WordPress realistically only takes about 5 minutes to install but as any WordPress professional knows, the configuration and setup of other elements of design can take many hours if good results are expected. Since my #1 SEO suggestion to site owners is a blog, It makes sense for me to keep and maintain up to date versions of the tools I work with.In his post, "Index Faster in Google with WordPress", he gives…

    By Bryan Ruby
    Posted September 26, 2007

  • The Turtol Content Management System

    Michael Wnuk from Turtol recently wrote to us asking for a review of his open source content management system, TurtolCMS.  He also  invited CMS Report readers to review the CMS and give comments.  The following is Michael Wnuk's e-mail to us about his CMS in its entirety:My company, Turtol, is actively developing the TurtolCMS.  It's an open source, design agnostic content management system  targeting website owners with minimal technical expertise. We've been using the TurtolCMS since March…

    By Bryan Ruby
    Posted September 25, 2007

  • New features in OpenEdit 5.622

    Some of the new features included in the latest release of OpenEdit, version 5.622 include: New job/issue tracking project form Validating and Captcha Improved interface (via ajax use) for adding menu's items inline and image archive New synchronize/pull ability to mirror OpenEdit web sites Check out the release notes for complete details.

    By Bryan Ruby
    Posted September 24, 2007

  • Wasabidreams: 20 things to look for in a CMS

    I recently stumbled over,  While the site may be short on articles, it does have one article that can be used as a very good guide for selecting the right content management system for you.  The full article is titled, "Why Drupal, Joomla, Wordpress and similar software are so popular and 20 things to look for".  Whew!  Do you think the length of that title was selected to get the attention of search engines? The article not only gives detailed explanations of twenty things to…

    By Bryan Ruby
    Posted September 24, 2007

  • Drupal on a more

    If you are reading this post, then are now seeing CMS Report on its new server (a Virtual Private/Dedicated Server).  As I tweak the VPS in the following weeks, I may fall back on the old server from time to time but for the most part, I'm home.  Today officially ends my grand-experiment of running a moderately busy Drupal site on the cheap. I made some big mistakes by not pulling sooner from the shared hosting plan and back onto a VPS.  There are some very…

    By Bryan Ruby
    Posted September 20, 2007

  • dotCMS 1.5 Now Available!

    This is one of my first posts on dotCMS 1.5, so "long-time" dotCMS users feel free to correct me if I get anything wrong here.  Earlier this month, dotCMS 1.5 was released.  dotCMS is an open source Java based CMS geared toward toward the enterprise with Web customer resource resource management (CRM) and eCommerce, and business intelligence. New features included in dotCMS 1.5: Content "Triggers" using JBoss Rules to allow rule based user segmentation by usage. Business Intelligence…

    By Bryan Ruby
    Posted September 17, 2007

  • The Impact of Packt's Open Source CMS Awards

    On Monday, Packt Publishing announced the five finalists in each category of its 2007 Open Source Content Management System Award.  The five categories are Most Promising, Best PHP CMS, Best Other (Non-PHP) CMS, Best Social Networking CMS, and Overall Winner.  In the finals stage, the public as a whole is eligible to vote for each category through October 26th.  While that may seem like a long time for the polls to be open, I'd encourage you to vote early so that you have no excuse for why your…

    By Bryan Ruby
    Posted September 14, 2007

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