SilverStripe community begins work on SilverStripe CMS v3.0

The SilverStripe open source community recently posted their roadmap to SilverStripe CMS v3.0. Version 3.0 represents a major year-long development project and is expected to be a substantial improvement over the current v2.4.x series. With an aggressive schedule, a stable version of SilverStripe CMS v3.0 is expected to be available by the end of 2011.

The roadmap introduces three major goals of SilverStripe CMS v3.0:

  • Better technical platform. Sapphire, the underlying programming framework, will evolve from an integral part of SilverStripe CMS, into a product that can stand on its own feet. In forming this delineation, improvements will be made throughout the core, including the ORM, data integrity, templating language, and performance. Sapphire v3.0 will consequently enable developers to make richer and more complex web applications and websites.
  • Better user experience for content authors. A refresh of the content authoring environment will bring even better usability and productivity. The interface will transition to jQuery, making the system capable of much greater customization. Managing images, embedding videos, and previewing work in progress will all be made easier. Images and documents will be able to versioned and secured in the same way pages can currently be.
  • Improved support for the social and mobile web. SilverStripe's existing templating language and support for web services already provide a foundation for the two top themes in the web currently: social media and mobile devices. With SilverStripe CMS v3.0, the developers intend to improve the core to make development for both easier and richer.

SilverStripe's Business Relationship Manager, Sigurd Magnusson, sent CMS Report an email about this new roadmap for version 3.0 and how developers can help get involved. "Note at this stage", said Magnusson, "the main thing we want people to do, is join our development mailing list so they people can be involved in the decisions and contribute to the development of this new major release, due late 2011". The official mailing list for the development of SilverStripe CMS 3.0 can be found at Google Groups.

Those interested in additional information regarding SilverStripe CMS v3.0 are encouraged to take a look at the SilverStripe 3.0 Planning page. A video recording of the  first public presentation on SilverStripe CMS v3.0 is posted below the fold and slides from the meeting are also available.

Tiki releases version 6.2

The Tiki Wiki CMS Groupware project has released Tiki 6.2. This release includes fixes and updates only. Tiki encourages all sites to upgrade to this latest release. Tiki Community members have made over 240 code contributions for this release. Review the release notes and for complete information about this release.

Active development continues on the 6.x branch, which will become the LTS (long term support) version, following the release of Tiki 7 (planned for April, 2011). Please see for more information.

You can download Tiki 6.2 (and all Tiki releases) from

Bitrix Site Manager Helps Online Businesses Successfully Manage Peak Traffic and Prevent DDoS Attacks

Bitrix, Inc., a technology trendsetter in business communications solutions, introduces its TrafficJuggler™ load balancing technology, which effectively addresses customers’ needs for online business continuity. It delivers industry-leading performance capable of handling traffic spikes caused by extreme visitor activity or by targeted DDoS attacks.

"Sudden traffic spikes and web terrorism are common realities that threaten online business continuity. To cope with this challenge, we continuously improve our products’ performance capabilities, resulting in a stunning figure of 430% growth over the past three years," said Dmitry Valyanov, President of Bitrix, Inc.

Elcom enhances CMS experience with CommunityManager.NET

Sydney, Australia – 16 February 2011– Elcom, one of Australia’s largest independently owned Web Developers, today announced the latest release of CommunityManager.NET (Version7.3) – its flagship enterprise Web Content Management software.

CommunityManager.NET is utilized by over 500 organizations worldwide, and provides a secure and scalable framework which supports websites, intranets, ecommerce platforms, membership systems, mobile platforms and online training capabilities.

Underpinning this latest version of CommunityManager.NET is a variety of updates and additional new features, designed to increase efficiency and reduce costs through an improved user-experience for clients and end-users. At the core of this latest release is the addition of A/B testing to Elcom’s existing Online Marketing offering.

According to Elcom’s Product Director, Anthony Milner, “This new feature was developed in response to industry trends and by really listening to what our clients wanted”. It allows users to test a baseline control sample webpage and compare it to a variety of single-variable test samples, in order to better evaluate and improve response rates. This ultimately enables the execution of “smarter marketing” through testing, evaluation, better resource allocation and enhanced tracking ability – thereby significantly improving Return on Investment.

Coveo Releases Version 6.5 of Its Enterprise Search Platform

  • The Coveo Platform 6.5 was released today and includes real-time, personalized and interactive business analytics and dashboards.
  • Coveo’s new, easy to configure dashboard widgets provide users with immediate access to 360-degree views of the information they need, across any number of repositories. Coveo dashboards help departments – from sales and marketing, to operations, and customer support – make better, more informed business decisions based on the most recent information.
  • The Coveo Platform includes two layers: the Unified Indexing Layer and the Access Interface Layer, which, when combined, let users access information from all enterprise systems through a variety of interfaces – from a Desktop Floating Search Bar to personalized and interactive dashboards.
  • Coveo provides Enterprise Search 2.0-powered information access solutions. Coveo’s more than 700 global implementations contribute to the success of, among many others, CA Technologies, Lockheed Martin, Children’s Hospital of Boston, Sony Ericsson, and Yum! Brands.

Mailbag: Say hello to ImpressPages CMS

This past week, we received an email from co-developer Audrius introducing us to ImpressPages CMS (not to be confused with ImpressCMS).  In that email he writes:

I want to introduce Web CMS that pushes CMS market one step forward - ImpressPages CMS ( Released on GPL. Started in 2009.

Two key features:

  • Drag & drop interface and in-place editing.
  • End users don't need any technical skills to manage content as professionals.

Among all other good stuff, one all the features was featured at CMS Wire.

So, we'll keep an eye on this particuar content management system. Meanwhile, feel free to take a look at the tutorial video showing you the ImpressPages CMS and giving you a good idea how the user interface works.

SubHub Lite – A New Drupal 7 Based Web CMS

UK-based website publishing company, SubHub, has launched SubHub Lite, a new Drupal 7 powered web CMS which opened its doors on November 1st in beta and which now already has a few thousand users.
SubHub Lite has been built around the concept of outstanding ease of use.
With the majority of content management systems making the assumption that their users will have a certain level of technical expertise, a lot of people who would like to build and manage their own website are left out in the cold. Why? Because they are clueless about how to install a CMS, configure plugins and modules, add design themes and generally customize what they're building.
SubHub Lite embraces any kind of user and make it as easy to set up and manage a website, even if you’re not particularly technically minded.
From an easy to use site builder, to the use of drag and drop functionality (apps) and simple design tools, the SubHub team have tried to make their Lite platform as intuitive to use as possible. As a hosted platform there’s also nothing to download or upgrade.

How YouTube and the Social Web Saved Winter

My Snow Blower

My back hurts. As with the rest of the United States, my neck of the woods has received more snow and cold weather than one could possibly want for the winter season. Due to the constant snowfall, I have spent a number of my days clearing my driveway from snow with the help of my 15 year old snow blower. Several days ago, the snow blower's auger died on me leaving me with a useless rusting piece of machinery.

Auger Belts

1. Remove the plastic belt cover on the front of the engine by removing two self-tapping screws. See figure 23.

2. Drain the gasoline from the snow thrower or place a piece of plastic under the gas cap.

The death of my snow blower couldn't have come at a worse time. Most stores in my area have already sold out their snow blowers for the season. The waiting list is long for seeing a small-machine mechanic to fix this heap of metal. I didn't even bother calling knowing full well I likely wouldn't even hear from the mechanic until March whether this snow blower was fixable or not.

3. Tip the snow thrower up and foward so that it rests on the housing.

4. Remove six self tapping screws from the frame cover underneath the snow thrower.

There was only one option left, I needed to fix the MTD 22 inch 5HP Snow Blower myself. I would need to start with a replacement part, Auger Belt OEM-754-0430.

5. Roll the front and rear auger belts off the engine pulley. See figure 24.

6. Unhook the idler spring from the hex bolt on the auger housing. See figure 25.

7. Unhook the support bracket spring from the frame.

The problem is that I'm not a mechanic but an information technologist. Not a single computer processor can be found on this snow blower. No keyboard, no user interface, and no scripting language came supplied with this equipment. They say manuals for computers can be confusing, but have you ever tried to decipher an owner's manual from Cleveland, Ohio for a 1996 snow blower?

Note: it may be necessary to loosen the six nuts that connect the frame to the auger housing to aid in belt removal.

8. Lift the rear auger belt from the auger pulley and slip belt between the support bracket and auger pulley. See Figure 24. Repeat this step for the front auger.

9. Replace both auger drive belts by following instructions in reverse order.

Before there was YouTube and before there was Web 2.0, I would have resigned myself to spending the rest of this winter shoveling my driveway without the aid of a snow blower. But this isn't 1991, this is 2011. I can't think of a better moment in time to show positive proof the impact the modern Internet has for improving our daily lives. For if you ever find yourself in need to fix your snow blower, you can thank the social web as well as YouTube's Donyboy73 for reminding me once again that there is purpose in Web 2.0, social media, and information systems.

Without a doubt, my snow blower would have landed in the junk yard and my back ruined if it hadn't been for that video. Instead, I spent my Super Bowl Sunday knowing that the next time it snowed, I had a snow blower fixed and ready to be called back to duty. I am tech geek, hear me roar.

Contegro v4.0 Changing the Face of Website CMS

The face will be familiar to millions, but in the world of Website CMS this trusted global innovation is yet to be seen until now. With the release of Contegro Version 4, comes a Window’s style desktop that will make even first-time Website CMS users feel like experts.

It’s yet another step towards Contegro’s continuing advancement in completely removing the developer from the website life-cycle, and empowering designers with the sole power to create and manage functionally-rich websites. “Contegro Version 4’s interface brings simplicity and usability in Web CMS to a whole new level,” says Contegro founder Vaughan Reed. “The Window’s Desktop interface is already familiar, so for users every action is intuitive.”

Contegro Version 4’s new Interface and multi-tasking workspace concept is set to revolutionise Web CMS. Take a look at the following key feature releases.

A completely transformed CMS interface

Contegro v4 removes the need to open up multiple browser tabs to manage many different areas of a website or even independent sites; everything can be managed from the new interface. “It makes multi-tasking so simple,” says Reed. “The increase in productivity that can be achieved when setting-up and managing sites by using the new interface, is really exciting.”

Contegro Interface

TYPO3 goes for long term support with TYPO3 Version 4.5 LTS

I received an email from someone that wanted me to talk about TYPO3 Version 4.5 LTS. The suffix “LTS” stands for “Long Term Support”. For the first time a TYPO3 version will be maintained by the TYPO3 Core Team significantly longer than the usual release cycle would suggest. In 2010 TYPO3 has switched to a fixed 6-month release cycle which means up to now support for a version was only provided for 18 months (only three of the latest three versions actively maintained). The LTS versions will be supported for at least 3 years thus offering a good option for users that don’t need or don’t want to update every 6 months.

TYPO3 LogoTYPO3 is used for a great variety of websites ranging from the smallest private homepage up to large multi-server, multi-language enterprise portals. Upgrading for everyone is reported to be easy, since the development team focused on maximum backwards compatibility with older releases. This provides a very easy and stable migration path to TYPO3 Version 4.5 LTS.

Older features are still supported and the use of deprecated features can be easily tracked in a log file. If you're still stuck in the dark ages of the browser war, you'll also want to note that TYPO3 Version 4.5 LTS is the last release to support Internet Explorer 6 for the Backend.

New features and improvements found in TYPO3 Version 4.5 include:

  • A fast and flexible pagetree based on, configurable Backend layout and rearranged editing forms for pages and content elements.
  • The new LiveSearch box providing instant auto-completion. A similar technology empowers input fields to find connected records in a snap.
  • The whole Backend gets an optical facelift. Icons, colors and the general arrangement of elements were streamlined. Many details were fixed to provide a more consistent appearance and workflow.


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