Intranet Connections Software Adds Power and Creativity with Application Builder

Intranet Connections has announced the latest release of their social intranet software. Intranet Connections v11 builds on employee participation and engagement via your intranet by giving users the power to embrace and share company culture with innovative tools that are out of the box.

“Our intranet software helps to connect employees by information and knowledge sharing, online collaboration and the enhancement of your company culture,” says Carolyn Douglas, CEO of Intranet Connections. “We added dynamic tools such as our new Application Builder, allowing you to easily create any type of application you need for your intranet. We want to provide tools that help improve your business, through your employees and the intranet.”

Application Builder gives you the power to be creative when building applications. You have complete control over input forms, fields, and layout screens. Intranet Connections has harnessed AJAX drag and drop, creating an easy to use and dynamic application-building experience, with collaborative social elements such as employee tagging, comments, ratings and widgets.


Quoting IT: The Personal Knowledge Market

"Today, we are beginning to see the emergence of online knowledge marketplaces where you can sell your personal knowledge. You can see its roots in the crowd sourced Q & A trend that spawned sites like Quora, Aardvark, Stockoverflow and others. And sure, you can go to Google or and get your questions answered for free."

-Jennifer Hicks, The Rise of the Knowledge Market, Forbes, June 27, 2011.


Get Creative. Build on Culture. Empower Employees with Intranet Connections v11

Intranet Connections has its roots in business applications. We have added a lot of social and collaboration elements to our social intranet software over the recent years, but we have never forgotten about our roots in providing tools for employees to help improve your business.  We also see a great deal of employee engagement stemming from your company culture and our new v11 is all about leveraging your intranet to communicate that culture, and to expand on the tools you need to better inform and collaborate with your employees.

I was going to blog about the specific features of our new release, but instead I owe an entry to Julie Hunt, of Julie Hunt Consulting who took the time to respond to my last blog post on v11 and culture.

More than an Introduction to Accrisoft

Accrisoft. A few months ago, I knew little about Accrisoft or their flagship product, Accrisoft Freedom CMS. In early May, CMS Report met with the company for the first time and it was a great opportunity for me to get to know them better. Accrisoft is a company that anybody who is somebody in the content management business definitely needs to get to know better.

It's not that often I become quickly enthralled with a company and their products. Yet, for the past couple months I can't help but think of the first demo I saw of Accrisoft's CMS. It wasn't just the genius simplicity of their blue/green user interface for users and developers that I'm obsessing about either. It is the fact that Accrisoft convinced me it's not only users that need to rethink how websites are managed, but also the many site owners and developers that incorrectly think they don't need a company like Accrisoft.

Accrisoft is a provider of Software as a Service (SaaS) Web applications and they definitely made a big splash at last Spring's 2011 CMS Expo. During the expo, I was able to meet up with Accrisoft's CEO, Jeff Kline, as well as their chief technology officer, Mark Zeitler. It wasn't just their product, Accrisoft Freedom CMS, that won me over that day but also their enthusiasm and  technical vision of what the future holds for web content management.Accrisoft Logo

If Accrisoft isn't on your radar it is time to put it there. For the last five years I've focused most of my attention on CMSs that individuals and organizations are more likely to manage and host themselves. Quite frankly, a portion of my DNA is old-school IT and I've stubbornly been unyielding to any notion of running a content management system in the cloud. I've always wanted to maintain as much control as I could on the servers that host my CMS. Control of your IT assets is a good thing, isn't it? The talk of the cloud is just slick marketing talk, isn't it? Accrisoft, as well as Acquia, have persuaded me to believe that it makes perfect business and technical sense to utlize SaaS CMS.

Liferay Improves Access to ECM Document Repositories with CMIS 1.0 Compatibility

LOS ANGELES, CA – Liferay, provider of the world’s leading enterprise-class open source portal, today announced its plans to further improve ease of integration with third-party ECM document repositories via full CMIS compatibility in its upcoming release of Liferay Portal EE 6.1.

CMIS is an industry standard that unifies ECM and DM repositories and enables easy integration for a wide range of repository types. Liferay introduced CMIS compatibility in Liferay Portal EE 6.0 to its out-of-the-box Document Library. Full compatibility in 6.1 EE will allow users to pull in data from multiple CMIS-compatible data repositories, including vendor-specific products like SharePoint and Documentum.

CMS Report upgrades to Drupal 7

Lots of changes are starting to take place here at CMS Report. We're now running on a new version of the Drupal content management system!

Over the weekend, I decided to pull the trigger and upgrade from Drupal 6 to Drupal 7. It's hard for me to believe that it has been almost half a year since Drupal 7 was released. This was a frustrating upgrade for me as I've traditionally upgraded CMS Report shortly after any new release of Drupal is out. In fact, I have sometimes upgraded a site before the release is official. As a content management system, my five-year hate-love relationship with Drupal is still going on strong.

Drupal 7 Get StartedDespite the usual learning curve associated with a major Drupal upgrade, I ran into two additional problems I've never had to face with this site. First, the of today is a much more complex site to run, maintain, and upgrade then it was in 2008. With the number of readers and sponsors this site now sees, I just don't have the luxury of blowing up the site and say "oh well" lets start again. Secondly, the selection of premium or contributed themes available for Drupal 7 just plain sucks (there, I said it). I must have spent half of my upgrade time just searching for and then tweaking a Drupal 7 theme. People often complain about the lag time between a Drupal release and the availability of third-party modules. In my opinion, it is the lack of theme development going on with Drupal that is the real problem with Drupal upgrades.

Nuxeo Announces New Version of Case Management Framework

Boston – June 16, 2011. Nuxeo, the Open Source Enterprise Content Management (ECM) platform company, today announced the availability of a new version of its Case Management Framework. Nuxeo CMF is an enhanced distribution of Nuxeo Enterprise Platform (EP), adding functionality to support the flow and use of diverse but related content that needs to be handled and managed in a case or container metaphor.

The new version offers key enhancements to the content routing feature, UI and usability improvements, more distribution and email capture possibilities, as well as new features from the underlying ECM platform, Nuxeo EP.  

Bitrix .NET Forge CMS - A New Content Management System with a Community Edition

ALEXANDRIA, VA. - June 14, 2011 .NET Forge CMSis a new website CMS for web developers who know and love .NET technology.  The new product includes a free Community edition and a Professional edition with e-commerce capabilities.  .NET Forge CMS is a professional platform for .NET developers with ORM tools and MVC architecture which are field-tested in large projects.

“We’re glad to see the appearance of .NET Forge CMS with the convenient Amber Ergonomicsinterface, which has received warm acceptance in thousands of projects.  It is particularly gratifying to see that the ASP.NET developer community will now have a free edition of this popular commercial system.  Considering the growth of interest in the ASP.NET platform over the last year, it’s clear that .NET Forge CMS has appear at just the right moment to satisfy that demand and continue the momentum,” said Gaidar Magdanurov, Manager for Web Technologies at Microsoft Russia.


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