TikiFest Boston Report

TikiFest Boston

The Tiki Community recently completed TikiFest Boston, the seventh code sprint in Boston. More than 20 community met to plan, discuss, and demonstrate Tiki Wiki CMS Groupware. Many of the new features included in Tiki 7 were demonstrated, including:

  • Unified Search (based on Lucene)
  • Tiki-powered web sites on mobile devices, using jQuery Mobile
  • theme generator

Extensive work began on the revamp of Tiki Trackers -- a Tiki feature that allows users to create interactive forms and searchable datasets. Tiki 7 will include reorganized and streamlined code, allowing for easier enhancements in the future. Several TikiFesters also participated in a documentation sprint, in an effort to make the Tiki Docs more user-friendly and "catch up" to the current development.

The TikiFesters also joined the Boston jQuery Meet-up group. The event, "Tiki Wiki CMS Groupware and jQuery: the story of a successful integration," featured talks by Nelson Ko and Jonny Bradley. Ko and Bradley provided an overview of Tiki to the group and explained (and demoed) the jQuery integration that will be available in Tiki 7.

Finding the right hosting for Bitrix: rocks beneath the surface

You have just completed all the website development work and are ready to take it online. You started to search for a hosting plan that will suit your website and budget. You know the system requirements for Bitrix websites are: Apache 2, MySQL 5, PHP 5 etc. And you see that there a lot hosting plan that meet these requirements. But is it enough to check the system requirements only?

The real answer is – “no”.

Here are several things you should care about:

Main system requirements

Sure, your hosting tariff should meet all the system requirements.

This means that Apache, PHP and MySQL should be installed on the server in appropriate versions.

Sometimes the PHP version can be changed directly in server settings. You need to use either the hosting control panel or edit the .htaccess file. This can be tricky but you can always check it and fix it before the installation.

Specific server settings

  • Be sure that you have safe_mode turned off.
  • Safe mode may interfere with file and image uploads.
  • You need to check the open_basedir settings in your php.ini file and disable it.

New ocPortal 6 includes many new features and improvements

Open source ocPortal 6, a Web content management system, was recently made available to the public. ocPortal 6 is a major new version that incorporates many improvements and improves ocPortal's usability. Despite the significant changes in ocPortal 6, compatibility is expected to remain high with previous versions. The developers of ocPortal strongly advise upgrading to this version of ocPortal due to the significant performance and stability improvements.

Some of the new features and improvements in ocPortal 6 include:


  • Install profiles built into the Setup Wizard now allow you to set up a new site really easily. Choose from: blog, community site, info site, portfolio and shopping site.
  • A smaller core. Many former 'core' addons are no longer core, meaning you can strip back and simplify your ocPortal site more than ever (don't worry though, they are still bundled and there by default, nothing is removed). Simplifying ocPortal for new users and small sites is a critical part of our strategy to increase ocPortal adoption.
  • A new Add Comcode Tag button has been placed on forms, which allows you to fill in a simple form to add any Comcode tag rather than typing it by-hand. This brings into the open a lot of very rich functionality that existed in ocPortal that many users won't have realised was there (for example, carousels, or tab navigation).

2011 CMS Expo Learning & Business Conference

On May 2nd, 3rd, and 4th the CMS Association will be hosting the 2011 CMS Expo Learning & Business Conference in Chicago. This three jam-packed days conference will give you a chance to immerse yourself in that which is relevant in the CMS world today for you and for your business. At CMS Expo you can expect to get the facts, find the support, and make the contacts to help your business succeed.

This year, CMS Expo will be featuring some of your favorite content management systems including Drupal, Joomla!, DotNetNuke, SilverStripe, and Umbraco. The 2011 CMS Expo Learning & Business Conference will feature over ninety information-packed CMS training sessions. Created for Web Designers, Developers and Businesspeople, CMS Expo is the place to be for the most relevant, timely and actionable information in the fast-growth CMS Sector.

Attendees will learn the latest web skills, while making highly valuable business connections, all under one roof. Over eighty of the world’s top CMS instructors will share their knowledge and insights. CMS Expo will feature Learning Tracks on Business, Technical & Creative Foundations (such as PHP, MySQL, CSS, Web Design and more), plus their "Evaluation Track" is dedicated toward providing the perfect atmosphere to help participants compare CMSs, apps and add-ons/modules.

Logo for 20100 CMS Expo

CMS Report is proud to be a Media Partner for the 2011 CMS Expo Learning & Business Conference in Chicago. We consider this the must go-to conference of the year for fans of content management systems and those that want to stay relevant in this industry. We encourage you to click here for pricing & registration information.

WordCampTV: From Personal Blogger to Professional Marketer

From WordCamp Portland 2010, Melissa Lion & Julie Yamamoto session how how to evolve your career from blogger to professional marketer. I'm always fascinated when I hear people's professional career evolved over time, especially when it is a career that is immersed in information technology, the social web, and Enterprise 2.0.

Review of Drupal's Building Blocks

Yes, I read every book I review from cover to cover.

A couple weeks ago my family spent some vacation time at Disney World in Orlando, Florida. If you have ever been to a Disney theme park then you know full well that it takes a lot of work in those parks just to have fun. Some of the most popular rides in these parks have waiting periods of up to two hours due to the long lines of people wanting to get on board. Luckily, my wife brought a Disney tourist guidebook that gave our family the helpful hints, recommendations, and information we needed to beat those long lines.  In the end, we ended up with a very enjoyable trip (so enjoyable that we got to ride Space Mountain twice!). That travel guide was a valuable asset to my family's vacation. 

Mastering Drupal is very similar to visiting a theme park as it takes some effort on your part to ensure you get rewarded for your effort. If Drupal is the amusement park then consider Drupal's modules as the park's attractions you're wanting to ride. With this line of thinking, I easily recommend that you let Earl and Lynette Miles' book, Drupal's Building Blocks, be your valuable tourist guide into the wonderful world of Drupal. I only review a few books each year and this is a book I gladly invested my time reading.

Drupal's Building Blocks is a tutorial, reference, and cookbook for some of Drupal's most valuable modules including CCK (Content Construction Kit), Views, and Panels. The primary purpose of this book is to give you the quickest route to mastering the modules as quickly as you can in order to help you create more powerful, flexible, usable, and manageable Web sites. The audience for this book isn't only for Web developers or designers, but also site administrators, content architects, and consultants. There is some code in this book, but what is there isn't the scary code you often find in a developer's library.

Although I've worked with Drupal for more than half a decade, I am still among the newbies who struggle with how best to use Drupal's contributed modules. I've built several sites using CCK and Views but I've always ran into hurdles that keep me from fully discovering what these modules can do for me and my sites. This book will provide you the information you need to realize the full potential of these modules. Anybody who has seen Drupal, CCK, Views, and Panels mature over the years can't help but read this book and enjoy not only the author's technical expertise but also the author's cultural and historical understanding for how the module came to be in Drupal. 

In the first chapter of the book, "Introducing CCK and Nodes", there is a section titled "Quest for the Grail: How CCK Was Born". This section alone reads like an adventure story that starts by talking about the challenges site administrators originally had with Drupal needing to acquire development skills just to control the form content would take in Drupal. The story continues with Drupal 4.4 and how a contributed module named Flexinode gave non-developers the ability to create new content types yet limitations remained. I was reminded that with Drupal 4.7 CCK became Flexinode's replacement and with each successive release of Drupal the module continues to improve. For someone like me who started with Drupal 4.6 and watched Drupal 5, 6, and now 7 evolve this book spoke to my inner geek. I simply found this book to be good bridge to the more technical aspects of CCK, Views and Panels.

ImpressPages CMS 1.0.8 Announced

ImpressPages Widget

ImpressPages 1.0.8 GraphicImpressPages CMS 1.0.8 gives more freedom and ability to be the master of your website. Copy a table from any other resource (MS Word, MS Excel, other website, etc.) and see how it automatically adapts to your website’s style. Forget 3rd party tools to have fully functional contact or registration form on your website; just drag&drop a widget for that. Create unique content administration area with only a few lines of code.

Here's a list of most important updates and fixes:

  • Added table widget
  • Additional contact form fields: select box, checkbox, radio buttons
  • Saved or not saved status of the page
  • You can move ip_config.php in upper directory for safety (above public_html, htdocs, etc.)
  • Automatic check for a new version
  • MagicQuotes ON support
  • Autologin option in user module

Quoting IT: Enterprise Collaboration

"Enterprise collaboration projects are almost always risky propositions. Storing and sharing information, potentially across departments and across the world, holds unquantifiable rewards for the business. Yet, if these rewards can't be realized by individuals, then the project risks failure."

- Matthew Sarrel, Tapping the Positive from Social Networks for Enterprise Collaboration, eWeek, November 15, 2010

Hippo CMS version 7.5

San Francisco, CA and Amsterdam, the Netherlands – Hippo, a leading vendor of open source Enterprise Content Management Software, has launched version 7.5 of its Content Management System, Hippo CMS.

Hippo CMS 7.5 is an enterprise-class open source software product designed to empower your audience. Consumers of Web content are now coming to expect context-enriched experiences that use location, presence, language, behavior, social attributes and other environmental information to anticipate their needs.

But Web content management solutions haven’t changed to meet this expectation. They still focus on pushing content out to static Web sites, and expect their customers to optimize their Web content based on a slow iteration of publish, test, review, re-design.

What if you could easily open your entire content repository to new channels as they emerge? What if you could optimize your content in real-time so that no matter how your customer engages – their experience is as good as it can possibly be? What if you could empower your audience to engage with your business on their terms?

With Hippo – the answer is “now you can”.


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