5 Things to Avoid When Running a Blog

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5 Things to Avoid When Running a Blog

Mon, 06/01/2020 - 14:55
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Running a blog can be a dream for those that have a passion for writing. Especially when your blog is about a topic or topics that you love. There are definitely some things you want to avoid when running a blog and we’re going to point out five of the most important. Ensuring you don’t do these things will help to ensure you have a successful blog running.

1. Using the Wrong Name for your Blog

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This may seem like a simple task, however, selecting the name for your blog is super important. The name of your blog acts as the first impression. No one wants a first impression to go poorly. You want the name of your blog to represent your blog and what you write well. Naming your blog after something completely irrelevant to your writing makes no sense and would confuse readers. You want something that resembles you and your writing as well as your writing topic. Your blog name is everything and should be treated as such.

2. Picking the Wrong Topics to Write About

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Again, this may seem like a common-sense idea, however, it is super important for multiple reasons. For starters, for your blog to be successful you want to ensure you’re writing articles well and frequently. The best way to ensure you’re writing good articles is to write about something you're knowledgeable about. If you’re writing about a topic you don’t know much about then your articles will suffer. If you choose a topic you know a lot about then you can write and it will not only come naturally but it’ll be fun and your articles will be littered with important and interesting information. “The day you publish your first post is the day you become an expert in your niche,” according to Today with Jay.

Another reason is you want to post articles frequently. Keeping your blog active is essential. No one wants to read a blog and check back quickly and nothing’s changed. To keep your blog popular and growing, you need to keep your articles and blog posts published often. This connects with choosing the write topic because if you choose the write topic and one that you are comfortable with then it will be easier to keep coming up with new and different ideas to write about. If you choose a topic that you’re not super familiar with then you may struggle in the future to be creative and come up with different blogging ideas.

3. Writing For or About You

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Let us explain! Sometimes when someone first starts a blog, they write articles and just publish them without doing a couple things first. To start, you don’t want to write for you. Keep in mind you’re trying to gain a following and subscribers. You want to write blogs and articles about things that you’re knowledgeable about and things that you think other people care or want to know about.

4. Not Proofreading Your Work

Another common mistake is writing and not proofreading. Some people think that it flowed nicely in their head and that needing to re read it isn’t necessary. That is the farthest from the truth. Ensuring your articles make sense is probably the most important step in general. It may have made sense to you when you were writing it but reading it, it may come across differently. You can make small mistakes, even grammatical ones. Regardless you want to take the short amount of time to go over your work and make it perfect.

5. Don't Focus On the Money

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While many start a blog for the money, it shouldn’t be your main focus. By this we mean, write because you love to write, and write about something you have a passion for. When you’re running a blog and focused on the money and the income side of things your blog will take a hit. Your blog is going to be successful not only because you’re taking the appropriate steps in making it as well known as possible. It will be successful because you’re passionate about your writing and that will reflect into your blog posts. People can sense that when they read it and that’ll push people to keep coming back for more.