Annual Zend PHP Landscape Report Reveals Major Shift Toward Application Modernization

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Annual Zend PHP Landscape Report Reveals Major Shift Toward Application Modernization

77% of respondents indicate plans for containerization, 62% have plans for orchestration

MINNEAPOLIS, MARCH 8, 2022 – Perforce Software, a provider of solutions to enterprise teams requiring productivity, visibility, and scale along the development lifecycle, today announced the findings of an annual survey in their 2022 PHP Landscape Report.

The survey, conducted by Zend by Perforce, measures the key trends and technologies in the PHP ecosystem. Among the key findings in the report, 77% of respondents indicate plans for containerization technologies, while another 62% of respondents have plans for orchestration.

“As testing and deployment methodologies have become more sophisticated, we’ve noted increasing adoption of modern DevOps practices among our customers,” said Matthew Weier O’Phinney, Product Manager at Zend. “Containerization and orchestration tooling have become increasingly important to automate these processes with confidence.”

Breaking down the adoption of containerization and orchestration technologies by company size provides even more insight, with higher adoption rates reported as the company size grows. Almost 83% of mid-sized (100-1000 employees) and enterprise (1000+ employees) companies indicate usage of, or plans for, containerization, while 73% of respondents in those segments indicate orchestration usage or plans

“While mid-sized businesses and enterprises are slower to adopt in the general software application industry, we’re seeing a reverse of this trend in the PHP ecosystem,” continued Matthew Weier O’Phinney. “With larger applications that have many integrations and a need for autoscaling, organizations are adopting these technologies faster out of necessity. For organizations looking to modernize, Zend has built tools to streamline and optimize containerization and orchestration, and provides best-in-class Docker and cloud images to streamline transformation.”

The survey raised money for Black Girls CODE, a non-profit organization that focuses on empowering girls of color to become innovators and leaders in computer science.

“Black Girls CODE is thankful for the generous donation from Zend by Perforce which will help support STEM programs for girls from underserved communities,” said Kenya Lloyd, Director of Development at Black Girls CODE. “Our community partners play a critical role in our mission to change the face of technology. Together, we engage, educate, and empower young girls of color to become the future leaders and innovators in technology.”

You can download the full Zend by Perforce 2022 PHP Landscape Report, which features key findings, analysis, and projections at

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