Eight Years of CMS Report

This week, CMS Report celebrates our eight year anniversary. No one is more surprised than me.

The original intention for this site was for me to have a place where I could blog about my struggles with content management systems. I also wanted a place to point friends and colleagues to articles authored by content management gurus way smarter than me. I've often stated that CMSReport.com was founded not by what I knew but what I didn't know about content management. Unknowingly back then, I stumbled across a very large community of developers, site owners, consultants, analysts, vendors and marketers that also wanted to join into this conversation of "not knowing". Now here we sit with thousands of articles posted by over 350 different contributing authors. What an amazing experience CMS Report has brought to my professional and personal life.

I spent some time this week looking back at the most popular articles we posted here on CMS Report. Interestingly, a number of the articles listed have very little to do with content management. As the site's editor, I consider this both the blessing and the curse of hosting a website focused on content management systems. Besides providing the "reader's choice", I also have provided my own list of favorite articles that has been posted here on CMSReport.com. When comparing the two lists, you will find the only article to make both lists is the one comparing Drupal and Joomla. In 2006, it was the first articles I had written received well by enough readers to suggest CMSReport.com might stick around a little longer than I had first anticipated.

Most Popular Articles by Year

2006 - Drupal and Joomla Comparison

2007The New Workforce: Generation Next (Generation Y) in your Organization

2008Dell releasing the Mini 12 netbook this week?

2009Mollom: A solution for comment spam

2010 Someone does another Drupal vs Joomla comparison

2011Google+ first week of use review

2012Leaving Drupal is Hard to Do

2013Off Topic: Google Nexus 5 APN Settings for Consumer Cellular

2014 - (So Far) The WordPress vs Joomla vs Drupal Infographic

My Favorite Articles by Year

2006Drupal and Joomla Comparison

2007 - Drupal on a Budget

2008Social Publishing Systems to topple the CMS

2009The problem is bigger than SharePoint

2010Sharepoint 2010 vs WCM Platforms

2011CMS Redefined: Cloud. Mobile. Social

2012Dethroned: Content Is No Longer King

2013CEO Corner: Analyzing the CMS Analysts: Which one is right for you?

2014 - (So Far) Need CEM? The CMS Box is Big Enough