Episerver Customers Realize More Than 400% Return on Investment in Three Years According to Total Economic Impact Study from Independent Consulting Firm

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Episerver Customers Realize More Than 400% Return on Investment in Three Years According to Total Economic Impact Study from Independent Consulting Firm

Mon, 09/10/2018 - 09:45
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Episerver Digital Experience Cloud customers on Microsoft Azure recoup costs in under six months

London, UK – 10 September 2018 – Episerver, the company transforming digital experiences, today revealed the results of a commissioned Total Economic Import™ (TEI) study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Episerver, which factually proves customers on Episerver Digital Experience Cloud™ see a 443 per cent return on investment (ROI) in three years and recoup the cost of Episerver technology in less than six months. Download a complimentary copy of Episerver’s Forrester TEI study, here: https://www.episerver.com/learn/resources/analyst-content/forrester-tot…;

As part of the staunchly independent process, Forrester analysts interviewed six Episerver customers running Episerver on the Microsoft Azure cloud with sites producing substantial data to help arrive at an average ROI, along with subsequent financial analysis.

“The best cloud services pay for themselves and then some,” said James Norwood, Executive Vice President, Strategy and CMO of Episerver. “It is not enough for us to tout our impressive low total cost of ownership or how productive we enable marketers and merchandisers to be. What the Forrester TEI affords is a meticulous process to clearly and unbiasedly prove the results the average Digital Experience Cloud customer is generating in both the short and long term. While not surprising to us, as we witness organizations moving faster and realizing their ideas every day, the findings, in our opinion, unequivocally verify that Episerver makes companies incredibly more valuable and their staff decidedly more productive.”

Forrester evaluated Episerver’s offerings to document and model its potential value, coming to not only the ROI-based conclusions but also findings regarding three other benefit categories:

  • Content Management Effort Reduction: Organizations save $429,000 annually when moving to Episerver versus using agencies and multiple internal resources to update and manage digital assets across multiple platforms. Episerver reduces user burden, and therefore costs, by providing the ability to build once, use multiple times, minimize coding, and share digital assets across pages and campaigns.
  • Episerver/Microsoft Azure Cloud Savings versus On-Premises: The efficiency gains from moving to a scalable fully managed cloud service is $352,095 annually, totaling $875,609 in savings over the course of three years, simultaneously solving common on-premise issues.
  • Episerver Attributed Revenue Uplift: Use of Episerver’s artificial intelligence (AI) based personalization in digital commerce scenarios results in $3.7 million extra revenue for customers as soon as the first year. Over a three-year period, Episerver customers earn more than $9.1 million in unexpected profits on top of other proceeds thanks to uplifts in conversion, higher basket size and click-through rates, as well as a decrease in number of clicks to purchase.

“Core to both the Episerver Digital Experience Cloud and Microsoft Azure is a focus to help our customers gain an intelligent edge, faster,” said Scott Guthrie, Executive Vice President, Microsoft Cloud + AI Group, Microsoft Corp. “Using an intelligent cloud to support an experience-driven solution like Episerver brings the power of AI and secure data to fuel individualized interactions.”

Forrester found that a primary need for all interviewed organizations was to implement a unified content management system (CMS) and digital commerce solution that was readily scalable to accommodate growth. Participating companies had no interest in running extensive infrastructure operations. By moving to the Episerver Digital Experience Cloud on Azure, infrastructure maintenance was something customers, as one put it, could buy rather than manage – a purchase that quickly returns the investment.

The Total Economic Impact study further drills down Episerver Digital Experience Cloud revenue by industry and cost savings by operational function. Download a complimentary copy: https://www.episerver.com/learn/resources/analyst-content/forrester-tot…

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