FCKeditor's Drupal Web Site

Drupal IconIn case you missed the news, the Website for FCKeditor is now using the Drupal content management system (CMS). FCKeditor is a HTML text editor with a WYSIWYG interface and is commonly utilized in Web-based applications. The following was posted at the FCKeditor site:

We're proud to announce that, from today, the FCKeditor web site is running over Drupal, one of the best Open Source CMSs out there. After a long research, Drupal has proved to be the best solution to handle our half a million page views monthly, with flexibility and reliability.

This important change will make it possible to provide even better services to our community.

Ironically, the Drupal module for the FCKeditor hasn't been fully released for Drupal 4.7, the latest version of the CMS. The module documentation for 4.7 cites that the "integrated file management needs lot of manual configuration". Luckily for Drupal 4.7 users, the Drupal module for TinyMCE has been available for some time. TinyMCE is an alternative HTML text editor and in some ways could be considered FCKeditor's "main competitor". Here at CMS Report...we like both editors fairly evenly.