In 20 Minutes: What I know about Joomla!

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Recently, the fine folks at CMS-Connected gave me the opportunity to become a periodic guest for the CMS in the Spotlight segment of their show. CMS-Connected is an hour-long monthly news webcast that focuses on the content management industry. For the January show we had Joomla! in the spotlight, but once we went live I soon found myself challenged to adequately cover the CMS given short period of time and format. I've got a lot of respect for hosts Tyler Pyburn, Scott Liewehr, and other guests that make this video stuff look so easy.

Today, two things are now quite obvious to me. First, I really need to improve my video presence before the next time I'm a guest on CMS-Connected. Secondly, I have a lot more to say about Joomla! than I was able to present of the live webcast. So the video below contains additional comments I have about Joomla!, Joomla 3.0, open source, people, and the business side of Joomla! If you're new to Joomla! I think I present a great introduction to this CMS and if you're a long-time Joomla! user I hope you realize I'm talking about and appreciating you. Let me warn you ahead of time, the video isn't production material as it was done more as a proof of concept for whether presenting a CMS in video format is a right fit for me.

Update: A recording of January's show can now be found on the CMS-Connected site.

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