Keeping focus: Goodbye PHP-Nuke, Hello eGroupWare

I mentioned not long ago reading that there are an estimated 1700 applications on the market for content management systems. In an ideal world, I would love to cover them all here at CMS Report. In the real world, I just don't have time to put focus on every single thing involving content management system (CMS).

I have and will try my best to spend the time browsing the Internet and reading the trade journals for stories that may interest you. I'm grateful for stories or links that readers have also submitted though the contact page. I can't recall a single legitimate story or request that I've received in my mailbag that I didn't publish, no matter how known or unknown the CMS of interest may be to the rest us. I'm also hoping to roll out some additional ways that you, the reader, may contribute to the stories we post here at the site.

Where am I going with all this? Well, since my time is finite, I've chosen to limit the number of CMS applications I list under under the "CMS Focus" menu to no more than 30 applications. The CMS applications listed in this section are not necessarily the most popular nor are they always true content management systems. The applications are however, applications that I'm currently working with online or at my own work place or they're applications with a community of developers, project leaders, and users that have impressed me so.

Since the list included under CMS Focus is meant to focus on today's content management systems, logically the list must continue to change over time in order to stay relevant. So it is today that I have decided to remove PHP-Nuke from the list and replace it with eGroupWare. We'll still cover some PHP-Nuke stories in the future, but just not with the same intensity that I had hoped for in the past.

If you are looking for information about a CMS that is not listed under CMS Focus, it doesn't mean we don't cover it. Try doing a search for the application and see if we've covered it in the past. Also, please don't hesitate to contact us and ask that we spend some time covering the application in the future. If you're interested, I'm interested. If you can't find the information here, let me suggest three sites you might want to try: The CMS Matrix, opensourceCMS, and CMS Review.

We now return to normal programming...