Live at the 2011 Liferay West Coast Symposium

As I mentioned last month, this week the 2011 Liferay West Coast Symposium takes place. I'm excited to attend this conference as when it comes to Liferay, I'm definitely a newbie and this is a great opportunity for CMS Report to focus and learn more about Liferay. During this conference, Liferay is scheduled to announce the details for Liferay Portal 6.1 as well as their new Marketplace. I'm really interested to see how the Liferay community responds to the anticipated new features as well as their participation and role in interacting with the developers.

Liferay LogoLast night, I had the privilege of attending dinner with many of the Liferay executives and employees as well as some of their partners. At my table, I sat with Brian Chan along with some very knowledgeable Liferay users including Mike Vertal, President and CEO of Rivet Logic and a developer from TandemSeven. We had some very interesting discussions regarding system integration as well as user integration. I found myself interested in how many of the Liferay people here integrate their portal with Alfresco causing me to not only appreciate Liferay but also finding some new found respect for Alfresco. Given the amount of smart people here...I can't help but believe this is going to be a really great symposium.

Similar to what we did last spring for the CMS Expo, I'll be throwing my notes of the keynote addresses and sessions that I attend online as quickly as I can write them. These postings will be in draft form so don't get to hung up on any misspellings and grammar issues, I'll fix them later. It's more important to me that those of you that are sitting at home interested in Liferay or this conference get a feel with how the day is progressing for the attendees.