SilverStripe Framework and CMS Updated - Version 3.0.3

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SilverStripe Framework and CMS 3.0.3 was released earlier this week. This new version of SilverStripe provides security fixes, bugfixes and a number of minor enhancements since 3.0.2.  As with all 3.0.x releases, it is drop in compatible with 3.0, making upgrading simple.

The list of minor features and enhancements in SilverStripe 3.0.3 includes:

  • It is now possible to extend SS_Log.
  • Added documentation for the new config system in 3.0.
  • "Readonly" behavior for CMS tabs.
  • Removed disabled checkboxes and replaced them with green ticks. Added help text above the list of permissions. Removed action buttons by fade out when user goes to users permissions tab.
  • GridFieldPageCount control for displaying the current page count/total in the gridview header. Designed to complement a functional pager in the grid footer. NEW: GridFieldPageCount widget to default config settings. 
  • Support for documents as a file type in Files and images.
  • Support for document as a category in File class.
  • Allow setting default cache lifetime, and test that it's being used correctly on new caches.

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SilverStripe recommends all developers who are developing sites on any version of 3.0 upgrade to 3.0.3 at their earliest opportunity. Not only does it fix many minor issues, it also includes fixes for four recently discovered security issues. As with all 3.0.x releases, SilverStripe has focused on fixing issues with only the smallest possible changes to UI elements and APIs, and it is drop in compatible with 3.0, making upgrading simple.

The latest version of SilverStripe can be found on the download page at

[Source: SilverStripe - Release Announcement, Changelog]

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