Zengenti Partners with National LGPS Frameworks for Local Government Needs

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Zengenti Partners with National LGPS Frameworks for Local Government Needs

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UK-based company Zengenti is the creator of Contensis. Contensis is a headless Content Management System (CMS) with an integrated deployment platform.

CMS specialist Zengenti, creators of Contensis, has joined forces with the National LGPS Frameworks, a partnership which will see the Ludlow-based software firm strengthen its local government community.

The National LGPS Frameworks allows the Local Government Pension Scheme across England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland to efficiently procure high-quality, value-for-money pension fund services, reducing lengthy procurement timescales and saving time and money. Other public service pension schemes can also use the frameworks.

Using Contensis, the headless content management system (CMS) developed by Zengenti, the partnership aims to increase brand awareness of the national scheme and its expanding list of services by designing, building, hosting and maintaining a new dedicated website for the National LGPS Frameworks program and user community.

Alongside being mobile and tablet compatible and flexible to allow further additions to the website in the future, the new website will also aim to ensure compliance with the latest accessibility standards and reinforce the security of the website, which often sees the sharing of confidential and commercially sensitive documents across the platform.

Its extensive work with the DAC (Digital Accessibility Centre) puts Contensis in a great position to recommend accessibility improvements. Using the latest Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG), the team will make a number of AA-level changes (in line with the WCAG’s grades of accessibility). Modifications will include changing colors, contrast levels and fonts and improving zoom and navigation capabilities to ensure it is compliant and inclusive for all users, including assistive technologies like screen readers and speech recognition software.

The National LGPS Frameworks’ website is home to various specialist procurement vehicles, including pensions administration software, global custody and legal services, among others, and a secure, password-protected area used to share confidential resources with some 300 external users.

The company chose Contensis to deliver its vision, given the content management specialist’s extensive experience transforming local government websites through user-centric designs.

Discussing the project, Stef Robinson, Client account manager at Zengenti, said:

“We’re delighted to be working with the National LGPS Frameworks team to help its online offering. It is an established organization with a significant network of specialist providers from across the country.

“Our specialist CMS, Contensis, is currently deployed across 30+ local government organizations, with great success, and our team of experts collaborate closely with those who use them. Having worked in local government myself and, since then, with a number of our local government clients, we’re in a strong position to deliver on the National LGPS Frameworks’ objectives, and we look forward to seeing how the partnership develops over time.” 

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Source: Image and text provided via Press Release