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Perhaps IE7 is an improvement

I know giving Microsoft a hard time is everyone's best pastime sport, but perhaps IE7 is an improvement over IE6. While there have been some complaints about IE7 "breaking" sites...the uproar is a lot quieter than I expected. I had anticipated a little bit more from the general public. Also, it is also nice to note that IE7 isn't included in many of the "critical"updates that the rest of the IE suite are.

From the IEBlog:

This is a “Critical” update that applies to all supported IE configurations from IE5.01 to IE6 for XPSP2 and IE6 for Server 2003 Service Pack 1 except IE7 where the associated vulnerabilities do not affect this newer platform. As always, IE security updates are cumulative and contain all previously released updates for each version of IE. Read More...

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Packt Publishing announcing CMS winners this week

Developers and users of five content management systems (CMS) have been anxiously waiting for Packt Publishing to announce the winner of their Packt Open Source CMS Award. Packt Publishing is expected to announce on Tuesday, November 14th, the top three CMS along with the winner.

The winning CMS will get US $5,000, the second will get US $3,000 and the third placed finalist will get US $2,000.

As I mentioned a couple months ago, the top five CMS were nominated by the public are all that remain eligible for the award. Those five CMS include:

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Nucleus v3.24 Released

Nucleus version 3.24 has been released:

This release fixes a recently discovered cross site scripting issue. While there are no new features in this release, upgrading is recommended when your Nucleus installation has the "Allow Visitors to Create a Member Account" option enabled.

Click here for the original post at as well as download links.

By the way, thanks to the folks at Nucleus for recommending users to upgrade to the new version and not saying that it is a required or mandatory upgrade. I don't know why that gets my goat, but the rebel geek inside of me always resists doing what others think I should be required to do.

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Knowing Tech in South Dakota

Yesterday, I spent my time at the Techknowlogy Summit in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. We don't get too many technology or geek conventions in the state of South Dakota, so I didn't want this one go to by without a mention here at CMS Report.

Keynote Speaker

The Techknowlogy Summit is a trade show with presentations by both national and regional leaders in technology. The keynote speaker for the show was Kodak Company's Bill Lloyd, CTO, discussing his company's transformation for meeting the demands of the digital age. It was an interesting discussion on the challenges a century old company faces when needing to shift their primary products (film) over to new digital products. Kodak's current modernization efforts began around 2001 and is expected to be near completion in 2007. It was an interesting story, a story that looks likely to have a happy ending for the company and its investors.

Breakout Sessions

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Moodle 1.7 is released

Moodle 1.7 has been released. Moodle is a course management system (also called a learning management system) and used by educators to build online learning communities.

The five most significant features added to Moodle according to the release notes are:

  • Roles - Moodle has a complete new architecture for assigning people permissions. Permissions based on fine-grained capabilities allow all kinds of roles to be created and assigned in all contexts around Moodle. This creates a great deal more flexibility in the permissions that you can grant to people.
  • XML database schema - In addition to MySQL and PostGreSQL, Moodle also supports Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle.
  • New administrative interface - A new admin interface with accessible design and cool features to make access to settings fast and easy.
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Tikiwiki 1.9.6 released

A new version of Tikiwiki has been released, Tikiwiki version 1.9.6. This version of Tikiwiki fixes the usual list of bugs and security vulnerabilities that come with the usual point releases. However, 1.9.6 also comes with some new features and enhancements including:

  • Search: Batch batch_refresh_indexes_tikisearch.php
  • Wiki poll: Highlight in wiki rating box the user rating
  • Tracker: can choose export field type: visible/searchable/all
  • added a notification when attachement is added to a watched wiki page
  • various updates on Catalan language
  • install process can be localized to other languages

Those interested in Tikiwiki will want to check out the original wiki page that not only includes a list of the above features, but also a list of bug fixes and security enhancements. Tikiwiki 1.9.6 is available for download at

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Top three blogs on Drupal 5.0

If you have not heard, Drupal 5.0 went into beta last week. I had intended to write a little bit about the new features users can expect with this new version of the content management system. However, I've been so busy with a couple IT projects as well as some family events that I have not had time to even touch Drupal 5 beta 1.

Luckily, there are smarter and more dedicated people out there already posting about anything I could say about Drupal 5. The following are links to what I consider as the top three blog posts on Drupal 5.0:

Each of the posts I have listed are well worth the time spent reading if you wish to know more about the upcoming Drupal 5.

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PHP 5.2.0 is available

The start of November is big news for users and developers of PHP applications with the release of PHP 5.2 on the 2nd of the month. According to the release announcement, this "release is a major improvement in the 5.X series, which includes a large number of new features, bug fixes and security enhancements".

Significant features of PHP 5.2 include:

  • New memory manager for the Zend Engine with improved performance and a more accurate memory usage tracking.
  • Input filtering extension was added and enabled by default.
  • JSON extension was added and enabled by default.
  • ZIP extension for creating and editing zip files was introduced.
  • Hooks for tracking file upload progress were introduced.
  • Introduced E_RECOVERABLE_ERROR error mode.
  • Introduced DateTime and DateTimeZone objects with methods to manipulate date/time information.
  • Upgraded bundled SQLite, PCRE libraries.
  • Upgraded OpenSSL, MySQL and PostgreSQL client libraries for Windows installations.
  • Many performance improvements.
  • Over 200 bug fixes.

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No claim to JPEG

Website owners rejoice! Forgent Networks has dropped their claim on owning the patent rights for JPEG. While this hasn't been a huge concern for most Web designers it's still one less worrisome thought to worry about! Groklaw was the first site that I came across this story:

Here you go, straight from the Public Patent Foundation's press release: Forgent Networks has stopped asserting its patent against JPEG, has dropped all its pending cases that were asserting the patent, and says that it won't file any other infringement claims based on the patent. Read more...


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