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SDL launches Trados GroupShare 2017 with enhanced security and collaboration

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New features enable easier, effective and more secure teamwork across projects

WAKEFIELD, MA – February 6, 2017 – SDL (LSE:SDL) today announced the latest release of SDL Trados GroupShare 2017, giving project managers a wealth of new features to enhance the way they work and manage localization projects. The new version provides best-in-class collaboration tools to reduce translation professionals’ workloads, while empowering localization teams to work faster and smarter.

Understanding the need to securely translate and share confidential documentation, SDL Trados GroupShare 2017 facilitates secure collaboration between internal and external translators and teams. When a file is assigned, the translator is automatically granted access to the project, relevant translation memory or terminology assets. Once that project is completed, access is automatically removed – saving time for project managers while ensuring the highest security standards for organizations. The new project management dashboard is a crucial addition to enable tracking and reporting on project progress and overall workloads.

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Scoring Social Goodness via Xocial

XO SuperHeroes

Gamifying Goodness: New ‘Social Impact Scoring System’ Spurs a Movement of Competitive Kindness

How nice are you? The xocial online community is calculating and curating “competitive kindness” to help mere mortals out-nice each other, and make the world a better place

Are you using your superpowers for good? One optimistic online community called xocial (pronounced soh-shuhl) is now giving cause-conscious and otherwise kindhearted businesses and individuals the ability to do good, see good, feel good and measure good.

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Blue Jeans Network Enhances Offering to Meet Broader Range of Use Cases

Blue Jeans 3.0 introduces redesigned interface, streamlined meeting experience, and a host of business-grade integrations to enrich real-time video for the modern employee

November 11, 2015 — Mountain View, Calif. — Blue Jeans Network, the global leader in cloud-based video collaboration services, today unveiled its latest product offering with the release of Blue Jeans 3.0. Leveraging customer and end-user feedback, the latest Blue Jeans iteration provides a feature set designed to delight both IT and consumers alike. This release brings significant upgrades for desktop and mobile users, new integrations and centralized control, ROI and management tools.

Highlights of Blue Jeans 3.0 include:

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Driving Employee Engagement with Social Intranet Software

Employees are disengaged at work, and organizations have been exploring how social and digital technologies can address this problem. The key to success in business is to have a connected, integrated and involved employee base. All over the world, enterprise-grade intranet portals are currently used in the digital workplace to improve synchronization, store corporate documents, policies and executive directives, and thus, bolster productivity.

The Basics of Intranet

The concept of an intranet is very similar to that of the internet, with one major difference - It is a closed and secure network within the scope of a company or a business which cannot be accessed from outside. The article looks at what is the actual enterprise situation when it comes to enterprise intranet solutions and how the gap can be closed with social intranet solutions. The way information and knowledge is stored, shared, accessed or retrieved, needs to be made simpler so that users can build his/her own connects within the company.An intranet portal in place addresses a multitude of problems. Some of them are:

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Kentico 8.2: New Features in Collaboration and Ecommerce

Kentico, a provider in Web content and customer experience management,  just released a new version of their content management system, Kentico 8.2. This new version provides several new and improved features with the primary focus on collaboration and ecommerce. Kentico 8.2 also offers improvements that the software developers believe will help businesses launch and manage digital marketing campaigns faster and easier than previous versions.

“With the new features contained in Kentico 8.2, we continue to show we not only listen to our customers, we respond to their needs,” said Kentico CEO and Founder Petr Palas. “We are constantly working to enhance our product to bring our customers the easy-to-use and affordable set of tools they need to launch and manage integrated digital marketing activities that are highly personalized, dynamic, and effective.”

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Cloud Computing 101: A Small Business Guide

Should small business owners be jumping into the realm of cloud computing? More than likely your small business can benefit from one or more of the cloud services. Cloud computing provides the resources and flexibility small business owners need to build a business and compete in a highly competitive market. Still, jumping in without thinking strategically about the steps your business will take could lead to wasted resources, so read on for the basics you need to know.

First, understand that there are different types of cloud services. Infrastructure as a Service is the most basic type, in which the service provides the hardware, but you provide everything else. This would be ideal for a small business that wants to stick to its own operating system. Platform as a System supplies the hardware and the operational system, ideal for businesses creating and testing their own applications. Finally, Software as a Service provides ready-to-use, web hosted applications. This last service is the most comprehensive and basically takes care of all of the IT work for you, perfect for non-tech companies that simply need access to tools, not to create their own.

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Jahia announces Jahia Wise: All-in-one Enterprise Social and Collaborative Document Sharing

Jahia, provider of the next-generation Open Source CMS, announced today the release of Jahia Wise, a brand new enterprise product in the field of Social and Collaborative Document Sharing. 

All-in-one Enterprise Social and Collaborative Document Sharing

Jahia Wise offers all the most popular features when talking about social and collaborative document sharing for a fraction of the cost charged by proprietary vendors, with no need for costly integration and maintenance. And it’s ready-to-deploy.

The next level of document sharing

Jahia Wise stems from a widely shared customers’ need: a smart, slick and easy way to share documents and collaborate.

Jahia Wise brings this common need of sharing and managing documents in organizations to the next level with additional features: 

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Mailbag: Igloo Social Business Software Now Supports Multilingual Translation

Yesterday afternoon, Christine from Igloo Software contacted me to dicuss a new version of their web-based social software geared toward business. This new release of Igloo is nicknamed Pearl. The Pearl release offers a number of new significant features including multilingual content, integrated social analytics, enhanced file sharing, and social content archving.

I literally get hundreds of emails from companies announcing new products and services as well as upgrades of their products. I've done this long enough to recognize when companies are just releasing new software to release new software or when they genuinely about what their product offers their customers. You can put Igloo down as "excited" for this latest version, basically because they recognize with the multilingual support their software can now literally offer global support for businesses. I prefer companies excited about their own product releases, don't you?

Included below is the portion of Christine's email where she discusses Igloo Pearl.

The Secret to Effectiveness for Virtual Teams

There’s a sea change going on – a quiet revolution in the way we work as teams. Successful virtual teams, without question, have been on the forefront of this change. But co-located teams are also beginning to reap the benefits of a new way of working.

When Meetings Ruled the Day

To decode the secret, let’s start by examining a simple concept that traditionally has been critical to teams:  meetings.

Back in the 90’s, most work, status, decisions, and deals happened in meetings.  Meetings were the way things got done. In the days or hours leading up to the meeting, we would prepare bits and pieces of collateral to present or reference in the meeting. We compiled agendas, collected status updates, drafted documents, and printed out static plans. Project managers used their powers to exert control over the process in an effort to move the ball forward.

Interact Intranet 4.9 Released

Altrincham –UK  Interact, a leading supplier in intelligent intranet software, announces the release of Interact Intranet version 4.9 – a significant update to Interact Intranet, which includes Interact Teams, Improved Microsoft Outlook Integration, Collaborative Image Galleries and Real-Time Twitter Integration amongst its new technologies and tools.

Teams and groups exist in all organizations, whether they are cross-departmental projects, best practice groups or social teams. Without a single platform for these teams to collaborate and share ideas, information is regularly duplicated and can be lost via email. People working away from the office or in another location may miss important data and become detached from the group.  

Interact Teams breaks down organization silos that can exist in companies by providing a dedicated and transparent area for communities of common interests to unite and work more effectively, regardless of their department, location or time-zone.


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