Picture CAPTCHA Available for Joomla, Drupal and Wordpress

Confident Technologies, Inc. today announced that its image-based verification solution, Confident CAPTCHA is now available as a Wordpress plugin, a Joomla extension and a Drupal module.

Confident CAPTCHA™ is a unique, image-based CAPTCHA solution that stops spam and bots in a way that is easy and intuitive for your website visitors. Rather than forcing people to decipher warped and distorted characters or words, Confident CAPTCHA presents the visitor with a grid of randomly-generated pictures and simply asks them to click on specific pictures to verify that they are human and not a bot.

Text-based CAPTCHAs have become so difficult to read that visitors become frustrated and abandon the action or the website completely. Confident CAPTCHA is easy on people while being tough on bots. It improves the user experience, helping increase conversion rates and user interactions on your site.


Mollom Stats from CMS Report

After two years of spam protection by Mollom people are beginning to proudly show off their ham/spam stats. Davy Van Den Bremt over at Drupal coder writes:

If you're happy about Mollom, just shout it out on Twitter, Facebook, your blog, ... by putting up a screenshot of your stats and saying how many spam has been caught by Mollom. You can find the stats of your site on your Mollom account. If you're using Drupal, you can find them under Administer > Reports > Mollom Statistics.

If you're using Twitter, use the hashtag #mollomstats. I'm looking forward see how much crap content Mollom has spared us from.

As you can see from the statistics below, CMSReport.com has kept Mollom pretty busy with over 99,500 pieces of spam blocked since we started using the service. One statistic I'd like to see collected is how much content Mollom detects as "Ham" but is later identified by the site administrators as actually "Spam". In other words, I'd be curious to see the statistics for Mollom's "false negatives".


Guidelight Business Solutions video of DrupalConSF 2010

Guidelight Business Solutions, a custom software and web strategy company based in Texas, has put together a little video highlighting their experience at last month's DrupalCon in San Francisco. The video does a good job in capturing the fun, scale, and pace of a Drupal conference. At the start of the video, you'll also see a snip of video of me taken during an interview while we were waiting for one of the keynote speakers to come on stage. I'm honored to be included in a video among so many of the other talented faces that were there for DrupalCon.

You can check out the video either below or at the website of Guidelight Business Solutions.


This road leads to DrupalCon

I spent Sunday flying to San Francisco for this year's DrupalCon. Attending this Drupal conference is a first for me. For the past few years. I've wanted to attend the conference but either personal or professional distractions came up that prevented me from attending the conference. This year is my year for DrupalCon and I'm anxious to get to know the Drupal community better than I have in the past.

While I do plan to do live blog updates during the Keynote addresses, I'm attending this conference less as a reporter and more as an attendee in a crowd of 3000 people. I spend way too much of my time through the year either leading IT discussions or managing the IT discussions that I rarely get a chance to just observe and listen. There are a lot of smart Drupal people and content management folks at this conference that I would be a fool to not take the opportunity and learn from the experts.


Drupal's Ubercart forks into Drupal Commerce

A few years ago, I had developed an online store for a buddy of mine using osCommerce. I had hoped to use Joomla! or Drupal for the site but at the time wasn't satisfied with the shopping cart extensions or modules that were available for either CMS. Shortly after developing that site a new eCommerce module for Drupal became available called Ubercart. I've never had taken on the task of building another online store (it was a lot of work) but I've always kept my eye on Ubercart just to stay informed.

Ryan Szrama who has been the project lead of Ubercart from its beginning posted yesterday that Ubercart will fork into Drupal Commerce. At this time it is now known what will become of Ubercart. Ryan writes:


Alledia updates their Drupal and Joomla comparison

In the world of open source CMS there is no comparison more attention getting than an article comparing Drupal and Joomla!. Probably, the granddaddy Drupal vs Joomla! comparisons of them all was posted over three years ago by the Joomla SEO company, Alledia. I extended the discussion Alledia started with my own comparison between Drupal and Joomla. My article evidently struck a chord in late 2006 and currently is approaching near 200,000 reads.

Good comparisons between Drupal and Joomla! are popular because quality comparisons between the two applications are rare. It's very difficult to have passion for one CMS, be well informed on both CMS, and in the end be non-bias in your comparison. In the three years since I wrote my article, I've only come across three additional comparisons between Drupal and Joomla! that I thought worthy to bookmark.

I haven't updated my own article comparing Drupal and Joomla because I have developed a bias opinion over the years that I can't overcome. Both are good applications in their own right, but in the end I almost always recommend Drupal over Joomla!. That's why I'm glad to see Alledia update their own comparison between these popular CMS with "Joomla and Drupal - Which One is Right for You? Version 2".



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