Zengenti Partners with National LGPS Frameworks for Local Government Needs

CMS specialist Zengenti, creators of Contensis, has joined forces with the National LGPS Frameworks, a partnership which will see the Ludlow-based software firm strengthen its local government community.

The National LGPS Frameworks allows the Local Government Pension Scheme across England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland to efficiently procure high-quality, value-for-money pension fund services, reducing lengthy procurement timescales and saving time and money. Other public service pension schemes can also use the frameworks.

Bootstrap: The Framework's What, Why, and How

A lot of people talk about Bootstrap, but you know what it's for? You may even know it as a front-end framework, but do you know who it's designed for, whether it's worth studying, or if it's something outdated? In this article, we'll try to answer all these questions. In addition to knowing more about Bootstrap, you'll know the framework's strengths and weaknesses and what makes it a great tool for when working with front-end web development.

eZ Systems announces lineup for Paris eZ Conference 2016: Beyond the Web

Registration is open and eZ Conference+SymfonyCon 20% off bundle is available in limited quantity

BROOKLYN, NY, September 14, 2016 -- eZ Systems, a provider of open source content management software, today announced the speaker lineup for eZ Conference 2016: Beyond the Web. The conference brings together experts in digital strategy, marketing and engineering to exchange ideas on how to deliver remarkable digital experiences. The conference will be held October 5-6, 2016 at the Châteauform' City Le Cnit in Paris, France.

unroole adds Bootstrap to its list of starting points

This week unroole added a new ‘starting point’ website for their users built entirely with Bootstrap components. unroole ‘starting points’ are a convenient and efficient way for launching full featured websites with a single click. They come packed with configurable widgets, building blocks of web pages, and Blueprints for pages from which pages can be cloned.

Keys to a Great Online Buying Experience for Users and Great Revenue for You

Some businesses must satisfy their customer need to touch and feel or to consult with an expert before buying a product. Other businesses might need to provide catalogues of images, custom orders, a myriad of colors, international shipping options, weekly or monthly discounts or coupons to ensure customer interest - the possibilities are endless. It is therefore critical that the business design and build an eCommerce presence that provides consistent branding and image and satisfies the demands, desires and needs of their particular customer demographics and geographies.


SilverStripe Framework and CMS Updated - Version 3.0.3

SilverStripe Framework and CMS 3.0.3 was released earlier this week. This new version of SilverStripe provides security fixes, bugfixes and a number of minor enhancements since 3.0.2.  As with all 3.0.x releases, it is drop in compatible with 3.0, making upgrading simple.

The list of minor features and enhancements in SilverStripe 3.0.3 includes:

SilverStripe CMS and Framework 3 stable

I woke up this morning with a very nice announcement that SilverStripe 3.0 has official been released. As you know, I'm a huge fan of the SilverStripe CMS. Next week, I hope to cover SilverStripe 3 better, but with limited time this Friday you'll just have to be satisfied with a copy of the below press release.

If I'm lucky, I think I might also be able to find a video interview I did last year with SilverStripe's co-founder, Sigurd Magnusson, on the then upcoming SilverStripe 3. I had some video editing format issues that perhaps I'm a little smarter now to overcome. Stay tuned on this "developing story".