Quoting IT: Multitasking is a Deceptive Ability

"We think we’re being more efficient, killing multiple birds with a single, digital stone, yet leading social science research on the topic shows that multitasking actually makes us less efficient. What’s more, when it comes to human interaction, we slowly become conditioned to being less present for the people with whom we interact."

- Kate Otto, "The Disconnectivity Paradox in the Modern Digital Age", Triple Pundit, May 26, 2015


Quoting IT: Most Common Mistake in Buying a CMS

"After under-buying and over-buying, the most common mistake I see in buying a CMS is looking at the wrong list of vendors. The WCM marketplace is saturated and hard to navigate, in truthfulness. Many organizations fall victims to this complexity and chose from completely wrong tools."

Irina Guseva, Senior Analyst for the Real Story Group, "5 Minutes With Irina Guseva", CMS Wire, April 8, 2014.


Quoting IT: Addison Berry

There are some people blessed with the rare skill of saying something of value under 140 characters or less. One of those people is Addison Berry. Addi is an active contributor to the Drupal open source project, Lullabot team member, and former civil servant . Two tweets from Twitter by Addison Berry that made me smile when I first read them can be found below.

"I find the kinder and gentler I am to myself, the kinder and gentler I am to others."

-Addison Berry, @add1sun, Twitter,

"Being a jack of all trades, master of none, gets old after a while. Just kind of means I can do lots of things half-ass."

-Addison Berry, @add1sun, Twitter,



Quoting IT: The Power of Knowing Nothing

Sometimes I can't help myself from saying some of the darndest things via Twitter or comments in other people's blogs. I posted the following in this Gadgetopia article regarding Google and PHP:

This is a perfect example for why I say it's better to claim you know nothing instead of something.

When you claim you know something there is always someone bound to prove you know nothing. When you claim you know nothing there are always people out there that assume you know a lot more than you know.

Over the years I've become a genius by knowing nothing.


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