XOOPS 2.5.5 Final Released

The XOOPS Project is proud to present XOOPS 2.5.5. This release is focused on fixing open bugs and on updating external libraries to their latest versions:

  • phpMailer 5.2.1,
  • TinyMCE 3.4.9,
  • jQuery 1.7.2,
  • jQueryUI 1.8.18,
  • HTML Purifier 4.4.0,
  • phpThumb 1.7.11,
  • jGrowl 1.2.6

It also included security fixes, and therefore it is recommended for all XOOPS users to update to this version.


XOOPS rewritten using Zend Framework: Alpha 1 released

The XOOPS Project is proud to present Alpha release of its next generation Web Application Development platform – the Xoops Engine.

It is definitely the most daring and innovative development in the almost 10 year history of XOOPS! 

XOOPS is one of the most successful Open Source CMS solutions, constantly winning top places in various competitions, and receiving various awards. But it was slowly showing signs of aging that would require major rewrites of the Core. After much deliberation the team decided to rewrite it from the ground-up using a standard off-the-shelf PHP Framework. Following the same thinking as IBM or Apple did when they decided to use standard Intel chips, the XOOPS team believes that using standard components and libraries while focusing on unique value-add, will increase the “speed to market” for XOOPS. This way the team can take advantage of latest Web developments and vast resources provided by the respective Framework’s developers. It's like getting suddenly a whole new team of some of the best PHP programmers joining XOOPS!


Judging Five Overall Best Content Management Systems

This year, I had the privilege of participating as a member on the judging panel for Packt Publishing's Overall Best Open Source CMS Award. As I mentioned last month, WordPress was declared the winner of the award followed by MODx, SilverStripe, DotNetNuke, and finally XOOPS. Since the award announcement, I've had a lot of inquiries asking me how and in what order did I rank the content management systems. I decided to wait for a month before my posting my rankings of the Web applications because I wanted focus to remain on the declared winners and not my individual choices.

My rankings for the Overall Best Open Source CMS (with number one being the highest) were:

  1. WordPress
  2. DotNetNuke
  3. SilverStripe
  4. MODx
  5. XOOPS

Each of the judges on the panel, selects their top three CMS from the five included in this category. The judges are given a lot of reign for how they rank the CMS and may consider a number of factors such as performance, usability, accessibility, ease of configuration and customization, scalability and security. Despite the criteria given, the fact is the best CMS is the CMS you determine is best in meeting your project requirements. In other words, you may find that all five CMSes in this category meet your project needs or in some cases none of the given applications will meet your requirements. Despite how I ranked the CMS you still need to do your own homework before choosing what your "best" CMS.


XOOPS: the exclusive CMS for Government of Paraná in Brazil

On March 24th, the new portal of Government of Paraná went live. This new communication tool was presented at the weekly meeting of the School of Government by the President of the Company Informática do Paraná (Celepar), Mr. Vanderlei Iensen.

Among the main features of the new website is the color-based visual model to differentiate between the content for its relevance and ease of maintenance, and statewide access to government services.

The portal is divided into five major areas, which are the points of entry for other information:

•    list of services available to citizens,
•    services and information for the business environment,
•    information about Paraná,
•    government information, and
•    news,

all divided by tabs and color specific.


XOOPS Forks re-unite with their "Mothership"

The XOOPS Project, one of world’s leading Open Source CMS (Content Management System), is experiencing something that probably none of the Open Source CMS projects have ever experienced: reunification with its forks.
It's typical in the Open Source environment that developers work on a project, but then have different ideas, and leave the project to create their own forks. Most of the time they never come back.

So it's a sign of a visionary leadership of the current XOOPS team that they reached out and were able to attract back three of its recent and most innovative forks:
•    Simple-XOOPS under Dirk Herrmann from Germany 
•    EXM System under  Eduardo Cortes from Mexico
•    Zarilia under John Neill from UK.

It is also a clear vote of confidence from the forks' developers for the current leadership team of XOOPS and their direction.


XOOPS 2.3.3 Final Released

After over 25,000 downloads of its previous version in just three short months, the XOOPS Project, one of world’s leading Open Source CMS (Content Management System), is aggressively building on this success and has released a new version of its award winning software – XOOPS 2.3.3.

This release focused on bug fixes and usability improvements. Some of the major changes are:

  • improved profile and pm modules
  • improved installer
  • improved theme
  • improved tinymce editor

The improved installer is the highlight of this release, providing an easy way to install not only the program, but also important modules. The key for this new release was an active collaboration of XOOPS developers from around the world: China, France, UK, USA, Germany, Peru, Libya, Belgium, Netherlands, and several others. The worldwide XOOPS community is one of its strength, resulting in a quick translation of new releases into over 20 languages.


XOOPS Project - Version 2.3.1

The XOOPS Project, world’s leading Open Source CMS (Content Management System), has released recently the newest version of its award winning software – XOOPS 2.3.1.

The Project Leader, Mr. Jiang Taiwen, stated that this release is significant for two reasons: (1) it is merging the two existent XOOPS branches of 2.0 and 2.2 and (2) it is building a bridge towards the next generation of XOOPS – version 3.0.

The major improvements are addition of Extended Profile and Private Messages modules, and standardizing on one Extended DHTML editor as the default across all XOOPS modules. The administrators will also enjoy the addition of EXM Admin GUI.

There are always two perspectives to a “Content Management System” – the developer’s side, and the user’s side. And XOOPS 2.3 is breaking some more new grounds in both areas for the XOOPS community.

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