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Submitted By Bryan Ruby April 25, 2009

In the three years of running this site, I don't think I've ever been so far behind in responding to my emails.  My apologies for those that have tried to catch my attention over the past several weeks.  So let's talk about some of those emails I found in the neglected mailbag at CMS Report.

The first email is from Adam Strzelecki from nanoANT regarding his latest product, CMSity.

I am single person company nanoANT. I just wonder if you would mind posting some news about my latest project at your site.

Recently I have released my new CMS engine to the public at

CMSity is very small PHP CMS 200KB engine (150KB source code) + 40KB templates, but powerful. It gives you static pages, downloads, blog, forums, tags, attachments and RSS functionality out of the box absolutely for free (with Free license). While there's extra paid Pro version extending functionality with advanced access control, and multi-language sites.
It was written with flexibility and performance in mind all by myself. The objective was to satisfy most of the users with Free version while to have some small revenue on Pro from enterprise users.

You may have a look at latest most notable deployment of CMSity at

Best regards, Adam.

Some of the features and requirements for CMSity include:

  • Engine code ~190KB, templates ~70KB
  • PHP 4.x, 5.x compatible, MySQL 4.x, 5.x compatible
  • SEO optimizations and user friendly URLs
  • Multi-language
  • Blog, forums and multiple users functionality
  • Page and user tags
  • Flexible templates
  • Template and tag based access control

Best of luck to CMSity.  I also hope people comment if they are aware of this CMS as well as sites that have been built on CMSity.

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Submitted By Bryan Ruby| April 25, 2009
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