Mailbag: Nuxeo EP and DM 5.3.2 released

Submitted By Bryan Ruby August 02, 2010

This past weekend, I returned from a two week camping vacation in the mountains of Colorado. During those two weeks of little Internet connection...a lot of good content management stories came my way via email but were not posted here at CMS Report. I've decided to go through my mailbag this week and post some of the better stories that were missed in my absence.

A couple weeks ago, Stefane Fermigier sent us an email regarding the release of Nuxeo EP and DM 5.3.2, an ECM Platform and Document Management application. Stefane writes:

I'm very happy to announce that we have released Nuxeo EP and DM 5.3.2 today.

The release notes are here:

Many thanks to everyone who has contributed to this release, which I believe is the strongest we've done so far, and also the one that took the less effort to create thanks to the build and QA process we've put in place in the last year.

We have other new releases coming up in the following days: Nuxeo DAM 1.1 and Nuxeo CMF, and the next release of Nuxeo DM will be Nuxeo DM 5.4, scheduled around October this year.

Remember also that we have the Nuxeo World conference in November:

Meanwhile, I hope you will enjoy using Nuxeo DM 5.3.2. We've upgraded our intranet to use this version (over 5.3.1) in the final days of testing the new release, and I can tell you it is noticeably snappier and overall more pleasant to use than the 5.3.1.

You can find additional details of this new version of Nuxeo on Stefane's blog. I've also embedded a video on what's new in Nuxeo DM 5.3 below.

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Submitted By Bryan Ruby| August 02, 2010

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