Clearing the weeds in taxonomy

Submitted By Bryan Ruby April 08, 2009

A number of content management systems allow for data to be classified using taxonomy (sometimes called categories or tags in a CMS).  Most of us that use CMS and taxonomy aren't experts in how best to structure our vocabulary and usually end up with a mess of terms.  In the end, we have a mess on our hand and wonder how best we should approach cleaning up the terms we're using.

A blog post by Lars Trieloff, The Art of Mining a Folksonomy, gives some great suggestions for cleaning up your taxonomy.  The post was written for the Day's CQ5 CMS, but should be of use to almost any CMS user with taxonomy.

As you all know, CQ5 supports tagging and taxonomies and both side by side. Taxonomies are great, because they allow multi-dimensional classification of content, but sometimes there are things that do not fit into the taxonomy. And this is where it comes handy that you can just type and add a new tag to the standard tag namespace folksonomy. Using this feedback from the folksonomy you and enhance and improve your taxonomy. But what happens if you do not start with a neatly organized taxonomy, but with a wild-west folksonomy that has been created by numerous authors and you want to bring order into the chaos?

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Submitted By Bryan Ruby| April 08, 2009

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