Introducing GetSimple CMS

GetSimple CMS Screenshot

Chris Cagle asked me to talk about his newly launched GetSimple CMS which is geared toward small-business use. I suppose I must be a sucker in talking and promoting new CMS projects as I get a lot of these type of requests. I know there are folks from the enterprise content management perspective that wish I wouldn't because a brand spanking new CMS isn't something they would ever consider. However, there is always a place for these niche applications.

Probably the first thing you will notice is that GetSimple CMS does not use a SQL database but instead uses XML files for database storage. While GetSimple may be simple, it does have some nice features that you wouldn't expect for a new project. For example, almost everything action in the CMS can be undone and there are backup features (revision) for your pages. The CMS can also generate an XML Sitemap which can be used by most search engines for indexing purposes. Also, the CMS has an integrated support ticket system that allows you to submit a help ticket to the GetSimple developers.

GetSimple CMS is a PHP application designed for Apache running on a Unix or Linux system. Download links are available from the project's download page. A demo of the content management system is available at opensourceCMS.