MotoCMS Updated to the Version 1.6

Submitted By tina-zennand November 14, 2011

The World Day of Interconnectedness on November 11, 2011 became a very special for MotoCMS and its users. That day, the company released the new major Version 1.6 of its powerful Flash CMS.

The new version is probably the most significant from all MotoCMS releases - it is 100% based on the users' feedback.

This update introduces many new powerful features and improved functionality, including:

  • The ability to protect pages and popups with a password (now you can protect any page of your website).
  • The modified and improved "Contact Form" widget (the "Radio Button" and "Text Area" items added).
  • The new "Search" widget (place the "Search Field" wherever you need on your website).
  • The improved connection of widgets with website content.
  • The "Buy Now Button" widget (that will help you to sell goods and services via your Moto CMS website).
  • The "Background" widget (that makes it possible to modify the website background by adding images to it or change its color).

Moto CMS Version 1.6

  • The ability to integrate online services like Picasa, Flickr, Facebook into the control panel.

Moto CMS Version 1.6

  • Slots and modules are now all placed in the new category "Widgets".
  • The "RSS" widget has been enriched with the Atom publishing protocol (allows the users to verify the process of blogging updates received).
  • The ability to add Vimeo videos to the "HTML" widget.
  • The ability to place YouTube videos right into the page.

The customers can use MotoCMS as a standalone version or with one of premium Flash templates (the collection contains more than 200 designs to fit any taste). The 30 Day Free Demo is available for any template.

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Submitted By tina-zennand| November 14, 2011
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