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Have an article you've written or press release that you would like to see posted here at CMS Report? If so, you've come to the right place. During the past six years over 300 authors have contributed and published their content management stories here at CMS Report. We believe CMS Report is a great forum for CMS enthusiasts across the globe to get the word out on their favorite content management systems and also share their own perspectives in this important industry.

Whether you're open source or proprietary, novice or professional, vendor or analyst, we hope you'll accept our invitation to become a contributor here at CMS Report. As long as your story is on topic and we believe it has value to our readers, you should see your submission posted online within a day or two. Non-Registered users can still submit story ideas and ask us questions through our contact page.

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If you currently do not have an account here at CMS Report then you'll need to hit the "Log In" button on the upper right hand of the corner. While you may use your Twitter or Facebook account to register, we recommend those wishing to submit articles instead "Create a site account". If you've contributed in the past but have forgotten your password you obviously don't want to create a new account but instead request a new password.

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Step 2 - Request to become a Contributor

Once you have an account established at CMS Report then the next thing you need to do is sign in and let us know that you would like to become a contributor. On your "My Account" page you'll need to select "Request to Contribute", give us a brief summary of your purpose to submitting an article here at CMS Report, and then "Submit Request". You should hear within a day or two whether your request to contribute has been granted (and most likely it will be).

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Step 3 - Submit your Content

Once you have been approved to become a contributor here at CMS Report you should now see your "Request to Contribute" tab in My Account become a "Contributions" tab. This is where the real fun begins as you now have the ability to submit articles and press release to CMS Report.

To get started just hit the "Submit New Contribution" button and you're on your way. You'll also find any of your drafts to articles as well as past contributions to this site also listed below this button. Once the article has been submitted, we'll review your article and if it has value to our readers you should see the article published here at CMSReport.com in less than 24 hours of article submission. 

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Please note: We reserve the right to make minor modifications to submitted article in order to ensure the format and content remains consistent with our policies for publication. We also reserve the right to reduce, limit, "nofollow", or remove links from submitted articles that are not relevant to the article or that readers may interpret as advertisement.




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