Elxis 4.1 Poseidon Released

Elxis 4.1 "Poseidon" was published and is available for download from Elxis.org web site. The most important about Elxis 4.1 is that, for the first time, provides a friendly to mobile phones and tablets version of the web site.

If a handheld device is detected Elxis generates a mobile version of the requested page instead of the standard one for desktop computers. Another cool addition on the 4.1 release is the CSS and Javascript minifier. Elxis unifies and compresses CSS and JS files generating pages that loads faster, consuming less bandwidth, and having a smaller HTML head section.

Available features in Elxis 4

The new Elxis 4.0 Nautilus will be released on Sunday, September 23, 2012. You will be able to download it, in about 72 hours from now (19:00 EET), from elxis.org website. We are really happy to present some of Elxis features.

Elxis is a powerful and rich CMS having many of the features you will need for your site built-in. You can extend more Elxis by installing additional extensions. This article lists the most important Elxis features you will find built-in.

Elxis: Elxis 4.0 vs Joomla 2.5.4 benchmark comparison

Presented below is a benchmark comparison test between the latest Joomla 2.5.4 Emper (stable) and the upcoming Elxis 4.0 Nautilus (pre-alpha). The tests were performed with the Apache's ab tool on my local development computer which runs Windows. The numbers shown might seem low, this is because the tests were run on a Windows operating system. On a Linux live server they would be higher but the comparison results would be the same. A quick conclusion (we will go in more details later) is that Elxis is, at least, 4 times faster than Joomla!